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    Sosa HOF?

    When sosa forgot how to speak english all a sudden during the hearings it shows he's a me he has cheated for no to for had the numbers before he got greedy and started will be interesting if they convict me also MANNY IS A HOF on the first ballot............GO SOX!!!!!!
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    Sosa HOF?

    "2-MacGwire, Raffy, and Sosa would not, imho, be HOFers without steroids. Of course, for mac and Sosa, you have to relatively sure, which I'm comfortable with."

    Palmeiro, fine.

    But the other two, there just isnt anything beyond suspicion. As I tend to presume innocence, I would vote them both in unless evidence came to light that they cheated.

    And it would have to be more evidence than the andro found in McGwire's locker, since andro was not illegal at the time, not classified as a steroid in 1998, specifically permitted by MLB in 1998, and readily available at all GNC stores throughout the USA until 2000.

    "1-Bonds would've been a HOF even without the steroids, so I'll cut him some slack."

    We don't know when Palmeiro started using steroids. We know he had HOF credentials before he got caught. And unlike Bonds, Sosa and McGwire, Palmeiro did testify that he never used steroids.

    What if at the time, he actually hadn't?

    If that were the case - hypothetically speaking - that Palmeiro could prove he started taking steroids between his testimony in March and his test in May - is he a Hall of Famer? He already had 3,000 hits and 500 HR's.

    If not, how does his case differ from Bonds'?

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    Sosa HOF?

    Corking a bat actually hinders the ability to hit for power. Any assistance from a corked bat comes from the lighter weight, enabling greater bat speed. A hitter who has success using a corked bat should try the perfectly legal maneuver of using a lighter bat.

    So while corking a bat may be cheating, it's stupid cheating.

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    Sosa HOF?

    i too was amazed at all the espn folks saying they would vote sosa in but yet they shunned mcgwire. technically neither mcgwire nor sosa have ever tested positive. both looked ridiculous at the steroid hearing. obviously there is high speculation on both parts but thats all it is. how can espn writers shun mcgwire but praise sosa?

    i also laugh at the one writer who said sosa wasn't on steroids because he corked his bat. i believe his quote was "why would a player on steroids cork his bat?" wellthe genius needs to remember that when he corked his bat, mlb was testing for steroids and at the time, sosa was clearly off the juice because his body got a whole lot smaller and wasn't hitting anything....therefore he corked his bat.

    how these writers have jobs is beyond me....