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    Stupid question about 4th down

    I work at a local all-sports station up here in Maine and this question was tossed around a few days ago with no definitive answer.
    Its probably one of those "so simple-the answer is obvious" questions but here goes...(this scenario is HIGHLY improbable but what is the correct ruling)

    Situation: 4th and goal. Team decides to go for it.

    The QB is back in the shot gun. He sees no one is open during the play can he

    A) drop kick it through the up rights for 3 points or is it considered a punt?

    B) could he scramble and set it down as the holder and another player then kick a field goal during the play?

    Again, I know this is SCI-FI but the question was posed and I could find no one who knew for sure.

    Thanks for any help.
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    Stupid question about 4th down

    Just guessing...

    I believe that choice A is a legal field goal. Doug Flutie performed a successful one point pooch punt through the uprights for the Patriots a few years back, during a meaningless week 17 game that the Patriots most likely tried to lose.

    Choice B is also legal, but coordination is quite unlikely unless it's all pre-arranged.

    An actual punt, where the QB misses the uprights, is contingent on too many receivers not being illegally downfield, which is highly unlikely. If I were the defensive team I would decline the penalty and take the ball.
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    Stupid question about 4th down

    A) Flutie did this for the Pats a few seasons ago, but it was for an extra point. I assume that it could be for a FG as well (I don't think there are special rules in effect for PAT's).

    *EDIT* The ball has to hit the ground before going through the uprights (which Flutie's did) to count for points. I think the other scenario would also be legal, but highly unlikely.

    Flutie converts NFL's first drop kick in 64 years
    Associated Press News Service via wire reports ^ | Jan. 1, 2006 | Staff

    Posted on Sunday, January 01, 2006 7:37:29 PM by Paleo Conservative

    FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (Jan. 1, 2006) -- Doug Flutie added another oddity to his football résumé when he converted a drop kick in the fourth quarter of the New England Patriots' game against the Miami Dolphins.

    It was the league's first drop kick since the 1941 NFL championship game, according to the web site for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

    With starting quarterback Tom Brady sitting out most of the season-ending game, backup Matt Cassel threw a 9-yard touchdown pass to Tim Dwight to cut Miami's lead to 25-19 with 6:10 left in the game. Flutie, who was listed as the No. 3 QB, came in for the extra point and lined up at quarterback.

    After a timeout, Flutie took the snap, dropped the ball and kicked it off a short hop through the uprights for one point. He ran off the field and embraced coach Bill Belichick.

    According to the Hall of Fame site, Chicago's Ray "Scooter" McLean converted the last drop kick in the Bears' 37-9 victory against the New York Giants on Dec. 21, 1941.
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    Stupid question about 4th down

    Thanks guys! I appreciate the help. Yeah, choice B would most likely only been seen in a Disney Movie.