This win goes out to Andrea Kramer (did she get hit by the Charger team bus, or what?), Jackie MacMullan (AKA Benedict Arnold), the pseudo sports writers from the second rate Boston Herald, the blowhards that anchor NBC, ESPN, and CBS sports, and all the other Patriot haters who used BeliGate as a shoddy excuse to pile on the very best team in the NFL, simply because they don't like them.

Tonight (last night) the Patriots completely dismantled the San Diego Chargers. The game was essentially over by half-time. Philip Rivers turned into an incompetent, bumbling idiot (check out his post-game comments), and LaDanian Tomlinson was an absolute nothing, a big mouthed charlatan who could not for-the-life-of-him even begin to back up his mouth or his holier than thou attitude with his performance.

Brady, Moss, Welker, the running backs, the defensive players and, yes, the great coach, set about proving that action speaks much louder than words and that, after the dust settles, there is no NFL team out there that, this year, can come close to beating them - barring injury or further pent-up schemes to subdue them.

This was the most enjoyable victory I've ever witnessed and I'm sure there's a ton of legitimate fans out there that will second this opinion. Way to go, Pats. you are head and shoulders above the others - both in class and in performance.