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    The Tampa Bay Lugo

    [Quote]With all due respect, the guys OPS+ was 30 points below what he himself had been averaging the previous 5 season's and in 2007 and 20 some odd below in 2008 and put up his two worst career OPS+ which as we know is a combination of stats.

    If you don't want to take into account OPS look at his BA 237, OBP 294 and SLG 349.

    Career 271, 335 and 390, these career numbers include 07/08. Even at that he is 15% off in BA, 12% off in OBP and 15% (These are estimates) off slugging.

    In 2008 he was at his career avg basically in BA and OBP but his .330 slugging % is alarming.

    His OPS+ numbers show how poorly he performed vs his own standards. Additionally he is a average to slightly below avg SS. So his value diminish's greatly if he is not slightly above average as a hitter. If your below in both area's that is when a team needs to make a change.

    All in all his RBI's were good, but don't over inflate it, he had 400 chances to drive in those 73 RBI and a averge MLB player in same situation drives in 75, so it was not spectacular, he just had alot of chances in a deep line up.

    If he simple provides his career averages I have no issue with him, but if he puts up another 75 ish OPS+ number he needs to really be looked at as a bad signing and replaced mid season, he can still turn it around and for some reason I think he will have a good year.

    They need some production from him or the SS in general.[/Quote] GM tph, i think you guys have a good SS tandem, from the little i've seen Lowrie looks like a very good two-way player, IRT Lugo, i think at some point he's going to need to come to grips with the possibility that he'll be the BU or won't play as much as he'd like,the guy's not horrible, IMO he's still pretty capable defensively, he just needs to accept the role he's handed plus, at this point it may Lowrie's job to lose...
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    The Tampa Bay Lugo

    "- Ellsbury has shown himself to be a solid starter for many years who I feel projects to having Damon-like career #'s"

    You base this on this small sample? Where he was beaten out for the starting job in the playoffs by a player who has had some of the worst statistical seasons on Redsox record.

    I am not saying he is bad or that he won't improve, but you can not say he has "shown himself to be a solid starter for many years"... not yet anyway.
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    The Tampa Bay Lugo

    Bottom Line: Lugo's got a lot to prove this year and I think he will have a solid year. What does "solid: mean?

    .275, 10 HR, 60 RBI, 75 R, 25 SB - that's my gut talking, nothing more.

    It's good to see him healthy and a little stronger, but I'd take an increase in doubles and seeing-eye-singles over a few more homers... we need Lugo to get on base so that the top of the order can drive him in... not hit homers.

    Lets hope his focus is on avoiding the inning ending DP he was notorious for in the past... and ofcourse staying healthy.

    ps. I hate to say it, but I think we're going to see alot of Lowrie at 3B this season...

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