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    The truth about J. "DL" Drew

    Assuming you're a sox fan, then most of Drew's track record that caused him to be injury prone happened in LA. So why dont we let the LA fans hate him for that? If you only judge what JD has done since being in Boston, its hard to dismiss him so easily.

    In 2007 , he got off to a dismal start because his son was battling for his life in the hospital, leaving JD a bit distracted. Forgivable?

    Then down the stretch in 2007, he got so hot that after having an atrocious start , he was able to bring his season averages up to respectable numbers. Impressive? yes.

    Then he was money in our post-season and sparked the turn around in Cleveland. Remember the grand-slam in game 4 of the 2007 ALCS? No JD Drew = no WS in 2007.

    Then in 2008, he continued where he left off, batting above .310 into June. He had an OBP of .400+ and was on pace to hit 30 HRs (numbers that are ON PAR with his talent). You know how many outfielders in MLB are capable of those numbers? Less than 5, I can tell you that.

    Then what happened, the deathtrap we like to call RF in Fenway got the best of him. How often was Nixon injured? Anyone will tell you that RF in Fenway is awkward, and that play that JD hurt himself on was FREAK and GRUESOME. His back pretty much folded in half. His feet were in RF and his back was arched over the wall, and his head was ON the dugout grass. OUCH! JD Drews fault? Absolutely not, as RF in Fenway IS A DEATHTRAP!

    So what did JD do? He played his heart out. Tried his hardest to play through it, and eventually became our best hitter in the 2008 ALCS. That makes 2 ALCS in a row, where he has been our best hitter (if youre keeping track)

    JD has been clutch since he's been here (one of the most clutch bats in both postseasons). And you cant blame him for his back injury. Yet, some fans are already dismissing him in 2009. Saying things like "buy him out." Without JD, we would have gotten blown out by cleveland in the ALCS in 2007 ,and blown out by the Rays in 2008. But I guess because people dont like JD, they'd rather have that situation come to fruition than have JD in RF.

    Make no mistake, if this injection works (and its looking like it is working), and we can get a healthy JD Drew for 125 games this year, then you are looking at a guy wiht a .310 BA, .408 OBP, pro-rated 30 HR. Ortiz, Bay, Lowell, none of them can even sniff those numbers. Neither can Soriano, Braun, Hamilton...You know how many OF can? Manny, Holliday, Sizemore, Drew [end of list]

    Lets give the guy a break because despite what most people think, JD Drew has been one of our most clutch hitters since he's been here, and has shown nothing but grit and toughness.

    If JD is in the lineup batting what JD is capable of, our lineup just may as potent as anyone in the MLB.

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    The truth about J. "DL" Drew

    Drew I want you to know that Drew is one of my favorite Red Sox players. Family man, not an idiot party animal like so many others, good in the clubhouse and community. What happened to him was indeed a terrible tragedy and I hope he recovers. I don't think most fans "hate" JD as some more vocal fans here might suggest. Most are just fearful of the serious nature of his injury, and what that might portend for our future. Remember, swinging a bat violently is the WORST thing a person with bulging/herniated discs can do. The odds of a reoccurance are extremely high when considering his chosen career. It's nobodies fault...it just is what it is. I appreciate you passionate reminders of the great things JD has done for us. It's well worth hearing.
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    The truth about J. "DL" Drew

    U2 guys sound "gay"

    He sucks, always has, and is a horrible signig. So what if he homered in the play-offs. We were lucky he didn't keep us from making the play-offs to begin with.
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    The truth about J. "DL" Drew

    I don't hate Drew but it was a bad signing plain and simple. We got exactly what most of us thought we would. A talented player who can't seem to stay on the field yr after yr. This was his track record before he got to Boston and it was pretty shortsighted for Epstein to think it would change once he got here.
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    The truth about J. "DL" Drew

    Is this the 3rd or 4th time drewski posted that exact paragraph on jd?

    ok we get...you have a man crush...move along please
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    The truth about J. "DL" Drew

    Why don't you get over it! My comment last week had more to do with his time on the field more than anything. When he can stay on the field he is a positive. Don't hate the man as you seem to suggest. BUT there is no way he justifies the contract he signed.
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    The truth about J. "DL" Drew

    [Quote]U2 guys sound "gay"

    He sucks, always has, and is a horrible signig. So what if he homered in the play-offs. We were lucky he didn't keep us from making the play-offs to begin with.[/Quote]

    This post has got to be the dumbest post of all time. "So what if he homered in the playoffs"? I can't believe a computer lets you type these words all together.
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    The truth about J. "DL" Drew

    NO way to justify the contract?

    Why dont we examine the market for outfielders at the time:

    Gary Matthews JR had a career of mediocrity, he signed for 10 million
    Soriano (same health issues / less talent than JD) signed for 17 million
    C. Lee signed for 16.66 million (a guy who cant play defense and had health risks of his own)
    An option for Sheffield (who had similar health concerns) was picked up for 12 million, which was considerd below market value at the time.

    None of those guys have come even close to contributing to their team what JD Drew has contributed to the REd Sox. Going into 2007, we NEEDED a big OF bat. If we didnt get a big bat, we would not have won a WS. Look at the the list I provided, is there anyone there you would of rather had? By the way, C. Lee was willing to take a discount to stay in the NL, so we would of had to overpay for him as well. So, outside of JD, there were no attainable , big OF bats available. Not only did we get a big OF bat, but we got one that had a huge contribution to a 2007 WS run. Not only that, but we got said bat at BELOW market value (Soriano and Lee had set the value of a big OF bat to 16 million at least)

    So considering JD didnt sign at an above market value rate, everyone saying JD Drew was a bad signing is saying:
    Id rather sacrifice the WS in 2007 because I dislike JD Drew so much, even though he has been one of the Sox most clutch hitters.

    If you look at the contracts that I provided in the above list, the JD's contract is actually PRETTY DAMN GOOD considering the market values at the time. Unless you guys would rather have Gary Matthews Jr for 4 million / year less...

    JD Drew at 125 games a year is more valuable than 160 games of 90% of all other outfielders in the MLB. JD Drew has so far earned EVERY PENNY of the 28 million we've paid him, and thus far has been a STEAL considering the market value when he signed the contract.

    Only Teakus presents a coherent point. He is worried about JD going forward, which is fair, but anyone doubting what JD has already done for the Sox isnt thinking. IMO, if JD doesnt play another game for the Sox , hes already earned 70% of his contract. AND YES, one swing can be worth 15 million, if you wouldnt have won a WS without said swing (regarding the grandslam against Cleveland that we wouldnt have won the WS in 2007 without). JD Drew = great signing.
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    The truth about J. "DL" Drew

    HAHAHA, Jimmy, I obviously couldnt agree more.