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    the truth about manny from an actual BOSTON fan

    Manny has had better days in the past than he will have in the future. At his age and with his diminishing production, they shouldn't pick up his options for the next two years. It follows that if they can get value for him now, they should do so. After another 54 games (plus post-season) that option won't exist. So long, Manny, it's been good the know you, but it's time to move on. No regrets.
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    the truth about manny from an actual BOSTON fan

    [Quote]Letting Manny go now makes no sense. Letting him go after the season, especially if we don't win it all might make sense. I wd remind those of you who say(and I agree) that letting Pedro go was the right move--yeah, we let him go AFTER the season. There was absolutely no talk in 04 of TRADING him for inferior value during the season. That wd have been suicide. Jason Bay or Jeremy Hermida is NOT trading him for value. And I also feel that having him play for the Yankees next year and after and kill us every time we see him--that makes me sick, because I know in my heart it will happen. Are you fellows too young to remember Carlton Fisk, another HOF'er we alienated. He humiliated us time after time when he went to the White Sox. How much worse wd it be with Manny on our biggest rival and nemesis?[/Quote]

    If you don't trade him know you won't get ANYTHING for him unless you pick up his 20M option first.