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    Theo Baits Cashman/Yankees

    The Yankees have added three top notch free agents and we as of yet have done nothing....nada, zilch, nein, nyet. Inepstein must get on the stick and the first thing he must do is get down on his knees and whatever religion he is pray to his God that Lowell, Drew and Ortiz are going to he healthy next season or we're toast from the get-go. And how is Papi going to react when he sees that we didn't get that big power hitter he said we needed. Will be sulk and become a problem that his request was ignored? Could happen.

    How will Lowell react knowing he was out the door if we had gotten Tex? Will be sulk and be bitter about it and let it show in his play? If so, we will have to get rid of him sad as it may be because we cannot let our team go through what we went through with Manny this past season.

    And most importantly, assuming the positive reports we've gotten on those three players are true, what upgrading is Theo going to do now. He knows he has to trade some young prospects which he seems loathe to do in order to get the type of player(s) that can make us compete next year, unless, that is, he and John Prune Face Henry are ready to throw in the towel and accept a third place finish.

    We need a new catcher, two starting pitchers because we can no longer afford Wakefield's nuclear innings when he get bombed into submission, a utility infielder who can hit and field and not named Lugo, and a fourth outfielder who could play well in a pinch and supply us the power we need to make up for whoever we lost.

    Is Ineptsein up to the challenge? That's the rub. I don't think so. I firmly believe that he has been so traumatized by what happened with the MT caper that he might be frozen into inaction. I think this may be the beginning of his complete undoing.
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    Theo Baits Cashman/Yankees

    am no fan of Manny Ramirez, but ... it cannot be a task beyond anyone's capabilities to keep him happy.

    For $20 million I'd think it's Manny's job to keep managment happy.

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    Theo Baits Cashman/Yankees

    "This is awful! Is this front office really this stupid? The Sox upped their offer to 170mil to Tex when Boras told them a LARGER OFFER WAS ON THE TABLE! Get it through your thick number crunching skulls! You guys don't know everything! In fact, I'll argue that you know very little! ALl the while you paint Boras as a liar, a offer shopper. When truly he was telling you to offer more when you should have! This is twice! TWICE the Yanks have made fools of the Sox!"

    I'd be willing to bet that when the Sox flew to Texas to meet with Boras that the Yankees hadn't even made an offer yet. Henry's comments about the Sox "not being a factor" leads me to believe that Boras had the Sox believing that some other team had an offer on the table that was substantially better than what the Sox had offered. He probably told them some team was offering a 9 or even 10 year deal. Remember, Boras originally stated he was looking for 10 years at 250 million. He probably told the Sox he had someone lined up for 200 mil over 10 years. Obviously, there's no way the Sox were going to sign someone for 10 years so they pulled out...leaving their offer on the table in case Boras was blowing smoke.

    Soon after that the Angels pulled out as well...probably after getting the same story. It was reported after the Sox and Angels pulled out that Boras was calling around to the NY teams trying to generate interest. Rightly so because he only had the Nats and the O's as teams that had made offers. Then this morning it was reported that the Nats upped their offer to 178 mil over 8 years...even rumored to go as high as 9 years. That being the highest offer Boras probably called the Yankees and said "i have an offer for 178 mil...make an offer of 180 mil and he's yours."

    The Yankees need someone to play 1B so the signing makes sense. You can argue whether he's worth 22.5 mil/year. Maybe right now he is...but will he be worth it when he turns 34 or 35? He might still be a solid player then but probably not worth that much $$$. Even if he does decline the Yankees are the one team that has the financial backing to deal with that situation.

    I don't see this as Boras making "fools" of the Sox. This is just business the Boras way. Use other offers (legitimate or not) to drive up other teams offers. The final agreed upon numbers may make it seem that the Sox just got outbid by a small margin but i bet those final numbers aren't close (years or $$$) to what Boras told the Sox was on the table when they were in Texas.
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    Theo Baits Cashman/Yankees

    Soxchem, the interesting thing about your list is the only two teams that completed the mission of Winning the World Series building through the draft is the Angels(2002) and Marlins(2003- don't even think about 1997, that team was built by Blockbuster Money). The point of my article is not that building through draft and winning a World Series cannot be done. But, we(fans and Media)give all of these props to the Red Sox front office for being so smart and building through the draft, but in reality it was a spending spree in 2004 and a spending spree in 2007 that resulted in World Series wins. So I ask you why should I trust that the Red Sox FOknow what they are doing when it comes to building through the farm and not Spending like drunken sailors, they have never done it. As for being a Rays fan vs. a Yankee fan. Why would you do that? Lets face it, if a team sucks for ten straight years, never spends any money, is known for being impossible to trade with and basically pockets its Revenue Sharing money. With a full slate of high draft choices every year, one would think that a team at some point would begin to win. You and I know it is only a matter of time before the Rays are forced to sell of pieces and parts because they can't afford to field a team with so much talent. Besides I already have my hometown Reds(Hey Boston, New York, I am jealous). Who cares about building through the farm system or signing Free Agents, one over the other doesn't make you a better organization. Your fooling yourself if you think it does. The Sox have drafted players below slot simply because they were willing to pay a draft pick when a team like the Reds or Marlins or Pirates would not. Where was the whole " we built through the draft, we are so smart" arguement when the Sox were paying JD, Lugo, Dice K a combined $210+ Million.
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    Theo Baits Cashman/Yankees

    They went to Texas under the impression that the deal was all but done. THEN, when they got down there, Boras told them they were off by $20 million.

    They didn't fly down there thinking, "Oh, we're going to have to up the offer $20 million and we may not get him."

    THe Sox thought they were done when they got on the plane. Boras does what he does and the Sox said, "No. We're not going any higher."

    The Sox DO NOT NEED TEIXEIRA to win. It's not a big deal.

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    Theo Baits Cashman/Yankees

    [Quote]be serious. just to screw Manny?[/Quote]

    Semantics. No. Not JUST to screw Manny. I think the Sox thought they had a deal and Boras had his plan all along. The number changed before the Sox hit the tarmac in Texas, and the Sox said, "We're not playing this game. Here's our offer, take it or leave it." The Angels and Orioles did the same thing. Boras wanted a bidding war and no one wanted to play. Boras wanted $250 million. What did he get?
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    Theo Baits Cashman/Yankees

    ok two world series wins but what have you done for me latly everyone knows that there is slim chance of making it back to the world series with this team, hell they might not even make the playoffs, there are too many question marks which texiera would have helped seal up Theo wanted this guy bad theres no doubt about it there was no baiting involved and even if the sox did make them pay too much for tex who cares every player on there roster is overpaid a person being overpaid doesnt make them worse on the field.

    "the sox shouldnt overpay him good ridence" ok what is 10 million dollars when your talking 180 million over 8 years an extra 1.12 million a year, thats not coming out of my pocket. lets just do a scenario where the sox end up in third with out tex and in second or first with him do you relize how much monety teams make for making that investimate of an extra 10 million they make it look like chump change.

    lets face it red sox nation im a huge fan and will love this team til the day i die but theo and henry either need to get there heads on straight or leave, the sox have become a team were anything less than a world series is disapointing and I honestly and shalowly exspect no less than that, so either Theo and Henry jump on board and stop sitting on there cash in fear of the recesion (which will not hit them that hard 'oh i lost 10 million of my 800 million dollars buh-huh) or they find a new home elsewhere
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    Theo Baits Cashman/Yankees

    [Quote]I'm getting weary of ... all of this. Of Boras acting like a terrible combination of the Joker and Mr. Burns, of the Yankees outspending everyone (and the Red Sox not far behind - hardly victims), and of the BS round-robin.

    The problem here is that Mark Teixeira is not worth $20M+/season (because he is absolutely no Alex Rodriguez), but two teams can afford to overspend simply because they want a player. And we get trumped frequently.

    I am no fan of Manny Ramirez, but prior to him acting like a total jerk, there was SOME way he was not handled well; it cannot be a task beyond anyone's capabilities to keep him happy.

    Damon was allowed to walk; so, too, we miss out on Teixeira.

    Reality is that RS front office has a negative relationship with Boras, and it costs us. Henry's public email probably didn't help ... but this is getting to a point where one doubts we can get things done with his clients in the future, if the Yankees are interested.

    The Red Sox need to do some soul-searching about how to improve their ability to seduce/recruit superstars. That's not "right" or "the way things should be." It simply is.

    From a baseball standpoint, I'm somewhat indifferent. I'd be enormously happy if we can sign Lowe, Sheets or both, and hope to find offensive help from within or at the margins of expense.

    Here are players who had down years last year:
    * Varitek
    * Ortiz (horrid)
    * Lowell (injury)
    * Beckett (injury)
    * Buchholz
    * J.D. Drew (injury - though he played well when he played, on avg.)
    * Ellsbury

    Here are players who played above expectation:
    * Pedroia
    * Youkilis
    * Masterson

    I know it's an incomplete list, but basically I look at it this way: if 50% of the first list improve this year, and Ped/Youk don't tank completely, we will gain offense. Further, we will have the services of Jason Bay for a full season.

    I'm aware that Teixeira's a better player, but HOW MUCH better is he than Bay? Would you swap Bay and Lowe and Sheets for Teixeira?

    I'm not ready to toss in any towels.

    What the Red Sox really need is to find one more hitter who can contribute some power and avoid strikeouts. If he can play various OF/IF positions, so much the better.[/Quote]

    Uh, Ortiz was hurt, remember he had the tendon problem in his wrist?
    Also you made a point about Damon, the Skanks way overpayed for Damon, and look how that played out....not so great for them.

    Not to mention that the Sox are falling behind the Skanks....the sox were not in the top 4 in spending last year.

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    Theo Baits Cashman/Yankees

    [Quote]John Prune Face Henry .... Ineptsein [/Quote]

    what's up with calling the FO names? How old are you?.... I guess you still like the Lou Gorman/Duquette years .. oh yeah, you were probably a Yankee fan back then ..

    The Sox have a philosophy that works. It brought 2 WS to Boston. By not overpaying for FAs and putting those resourses into drafting players and developing them within is a long term strategy. Seabeach you should be proud to be a sox fan, not bitter and selfish
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    Theo Baits Cashman/Yankees

    Im not upset about this one bit.First of all TEX did not want to play here.Also SOX will not give a no trade clause.That is a lot of money forTEX He is basically replacing GIAMBI as their numbers are similar.But TEX has a very good glove far superior to any other 1ST basemen the YANKS had.Let everyone pick the YANKS too win it all ,games are played on the field and not on paper.Look we missed the W.S.by one game If BECKETT & ORTIZ ,LOWELL had been healthy we most certainly would of beat the RAYS.So MERRY CHRISTMAS too all and GO SOX.

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    Theo Baits Cashman/Yankees

    At the end of the year when Lowell has 20-plus HR and Youkelis has 25-plus HR and Ortiz hits his 30-plus HR, how much difference would Teixeira make in 2009? 2010?

    Not enough. There are other players the Sox can and WILL get for less in the next two or three years that will help this team.

    Mark Teixeira is a great ballplayer, but he's not the ONLY answer. It's DECEMBER! Relax.
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    Theo Baits Cashman/Yankees

    <For $20 million I'd think it's Manny's job to keep managment happy.>

    No, for $20M his job was to hit the baseball. Which he did, when he played, which is when he was happy.

    M1020, not sure of your point.

    But here is mine: the current Red Sox front office has some strengths (budget, fan base, competitive team) and some weaknesses. I think their major weakness is an inability to work well with established star players to get them into long-term deals where they are happy here. In other words, I think they've fallen in love with their vaunted system, and like many inexperienced executives, don't know to how to work with people's emotions.

    And that's part of reality. Players are EXCITED about signing with the Yankees; they are ambivalent about signing with the Red Sox.

    And a big part of that is the perception that the Sox drive too hard a bargain. The examples are many:
    * the A-Rod debacle
    * the annoying dramatics around offering Varitek a no-trade, back when he was a highly-desired commidity
    * (yes, I know how silly this might sound:) pissing off Manny Ramirez. Look, Manny's a jerk, but a productive jerk. Picking up his option was the smart move.
    * Hardballing Mike Lowell.
    * Alienating Johnny Damon
    * Failing to reach an agreement on extending Youk.
    * Failing to reach an agreement on extending Papelbon.
    * Releasing that email about Teixeira after the Texas trip. This is the team that "doesn't comment on" FA negotiations?

    From a baseball standpoint, some of these moves look smart, others do not. But that's not the point; being competitive is. And to compete, you must do better than average at attracting and signing stars (your own and FA's).

    I love the Red Sox. I have all my life. But the front office is underperforming, and needs to simply grow up and start behaving like other franchises.