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    this forum stinks

    I know there are multiple threads on this already but I wanted to put my 2 cents in. This forum blows. It has no structure and has as many threads posted by trolls as real sox fans. It makes the YES board look like Sons of Sam Horn. Also the Boston Dirt Dog page isn't good anymore. It never updates. Get a clue mods!!!!!! You guys ruined it!!!!

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    this forum stinks

    There was no greater fan of the old Dirt Dogs website than I was.  It was so much my favorite that I had hardly posted on any other boards.  I have, however, come to the parting of the ways, sad to say.  This new format is just plain lousy and nothing is going to be done to change it  the way things are going now.  I hate to say it but I am leaving this board with great sadness.  I would hope to return one day when and if this format changes but despite all the complaints it doesn't look like any will be made.  Why they ruined a great thing to replace it with a montrosity like this is beyond me.  We can't get E-mail notifications any more, it is hard to scroll down, it take eons  for messages to be posted, and I am  tired of having to bend the ear of that lovely young lady Mededith with complaints.

    Au revoir
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    this forum stinks

    Don't give up 100% Fred ! Your passion would be hard to replace.

    Let us know where you will be posting. Try Soxheads.com

    Nice call on Drew by the way.
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    this forum stinks

    [Quote]Have you sent your comments to the Feedback section?  If enough of us complain, maybe they'll do more to fix it.  They have already made some changes since the changeover; we can only hope they'll do more to fix it.[/Quote]

    What changes do you speak of?  The only thing I have seen is a letter from BDCDottie that said these things are "in the works".  It's public relations BS designed to keep you here.  This forum is terrible, it hasn't changed, and the only way to really voice your dissatisfaction is to leave.  Sawxheads.com works for me.  If you're favorite restaurant suddenly had "Under new Management" on the door, and their new food sucked, do you think they would make changes if the customers just kept on coming in?  Why should they?