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    I know I will probably get crucified by you guys for this suggestion, but...

    This Cassel kid is pretty good, and only 26 years old. Anyone thinking that maybe we should hang onto him and maybe trade Mr. Brady out west to say, SF for a boatload of their draft picks over the next couple years. I know, I know... sacrilege to even mention this but this type of Herschel Walker trade could set the Patriots up to be a contender for another decade. Tom Terrific is the best and brought a lot to New England but sometimes you have to make moves/trades with your head and not your heart.

    Ok, have at me guys. But remember, the Pats as a whole are getting old and guys like Harrison, Bruschi, Vrabel etc. need to be replaced eventually. Just a thought... let the stones fly!
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    NO! Brady is in his prime. Case closed.
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    Mustang: Good question! I actually presented this same thought provoking question right after the Chiefs game when Brady got hurt. I asked if we should entertain trading Brady IF Cassel proves he is good enough to win us a superbowl.

    In my opinion, Cassel has proven to me that he's as good as any other QB playing right now. If we had a dominating smothering defense to complement him, I think he could certainly take us back to the SB and win. He's calm, cool, and collected with a lot of athletic ability. The game as slowed down for him and he's playing at a very high level.

    I don't know if we should trade Brady but the Pats are in position to get a huge return on trading one of them. If they franchise Cassel and trade him, we'll get some nice picks in return.

    If we were to trade Brady it would indeed be like a Herschal Walker type deal that could bring us a ton of players and/or picks that could set up our team for the next 5-10 years! Everyone complains that our defense is too old and slow. Well, this type of deal could change that pretty quicklY!

    In my opinion, I think they should franchise Cassel. I know it will be a ton of money but you can make some very big decisions during pre-season. If Brady is still hurt or not playing at the same level as he was, you have Cassel as insurance. If this is the case, maybe you entertain trading Brady to an NFC team. If he's still the TB we know/love, then you can always trade Cassel and get lots for him.

    Either way, this whole situation is turning into an advantage for the Pats. They will defenitely be able to improve their team long term by wheeling/dealing one of their QB's.

    Here's one last thought: Does Brady want to be here next year? I know it sounds crazy, but he has a beautiful little boy thousands of miles away when he's in New England. He's accomplished a whole heck of a lot since he's been here. Would being traded to San Francisco be a situation he would actually embrace?
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    mustang & delux
    "Does Brady want to be here next year?" Obviously, I can't answer for the man but I would figure a competive guy like Tom would want to reestablish himself as an elite player, and that getting beaten up with a poor team does not suit this interest. Therefore, I'd say he wants to be here next year but can I say same thing for three years from now or even two years from now, then I'm a lot less certain. I've always thought Tom's exit from the game would be similar to the retirement of Barry Sanders. What more does he have to prove? Get out while he's still relatively healthy. An articulate and intelligent young man like Tom has options outside football. So the question is intriquing but no matter how you slice it you have to keep him.
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    Either way the Patriots made out like bandits having Brady go down for one season.... if he didn't Cassel would have left and we would have gotten nothing for him (maybe a 6th round comp pick)... now as you guys say we can franchise him and get some quality picks for the guy now that he has gotten a chance to prove himself... Brady wasn't a scrambler to begin with and there is no reason to think he won't recover from this injury and still be the passing machine he was before....
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    Thanx deluxbury. At least someone is being open-minded on here.

    Unfortunately Cassel is FA after this season and going to the highest bidder without compensation to the Pats. As for the "in his prime" quote by txheat I completely disagree. 30 years old in the MLB is prime... in the NFL not! Especially after a torn ACL & MCL. Brady is going to get hit/sacked multiple times per game and with this kind of injury background it only takes one wrong hit and its game over, career over for Tom terrific.

    I'd like to see the Pats resign Cassel but, he is going to command awful good money for a backup(awful good?). But no one is going to take a chance on Brady in a trade til he plays a few games next season to make sure he is right again.

    It's a dilemma for the Pats, but a good one to have I guess.
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    Cassel has played great this season and is proving to be a very good starting QB in the NFL, possibly a championship quarter back.
    That being said, no.

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    I'm not looking to start up a pisong match but I believe that the Pats have to sign Cassel to a deal if they were ever going to get anything for him in a trade. Without signing him to a contract I believe that teams are limited in that they can't franchise a player (whether to gain picks, players or keep him from another team) and trade him in that same year under the franchise tag. BTW Please educate me if I'm wrong about the Franchise info.
    I do like the thread though. Mustang brought up an interesting proposal...
    I don't think anyone (especially me) really has a clue as to what BB and Paioli would consider doing as far ever pulling the trigger on a Brady trade.
    I do think that the only way that the Pats get anything for Cassels is if they can ink him to some sort of deal but I agree that it won't be for short money. In fact I don't think he'd sign for under 10 million a year. Just my 2 cents...
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    cant believe you guys would write off brady so quickly. 50tds and 4100yds passing last year. his first with real recievers. Cassel is doing great, but with moss, welker and and all-pro o-line. brady's number 1 was troy brown. then you throw in david patten and david givens. come on now. You can't even compare the two. Brady will be back as the starter next year.
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    Case open nipple head...Brady is past his prime, has a bad knee and nothing but high class women on his mind. Ship him out to and get what you can for the future. Brady is the PAST!!!!!!!!![/Quote]

    This might be the dumbest post I have seen on this forum in years.
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    I guess I have to step into the "stoning" circle with the op.
    The biggest weakness for the Patriots presently is the defensive backfield.

    Given the choice between a combination of Brady and the defensive backfield the Patriots presently have or a combination of Cassell and a good (nothing spectacular just a nice solid group) average defensive backfield, I would have to go with the latter every time.

    The way the team is playing, if the defensive backfield was just average it would be an improvement over what they now have and would likely be the difference in at least one of the four losses (likely more than just one).

    If there is a team that is willing to offer enough in draft pick(s) and/or player(s) to get the Patriots defensive backfield to that level, I would hope that Belichick would make the move. It just seems to be what would be best for the team overall.

    The real caveat to this is something that none of us are privy to, the coaches opinion on the current defensive backs and how the coaches believe they will develop over the next year or so. If they feel (as they rightly did with Cassell) that those guys will reach that level (good, average defensive backs) then perhaps trading Brady would not be a consideration, however, with what has been shown this year ... well ...

    It just seems that as a team, the Patriots would be better with Cassell and a good defensive backfield, than with Brady and the present group of guys, and if trading Brady brought in the personnell to reach that level with the defensive backfield, I think it would be a good move.
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    How quick you morons (that say Tom is past his prime, bad knee, ect.) forget what BRADY has done for this organization. It was great before him right. Go jump on the Jets bandwagon retards.
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    Cassel is a good qb, Brady is one of the best ever. Need anyone say more?

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    I hear what you are saying and am not going to bash you for the idea. I would hold off. If and when Brady gets back and see what he has with his knee. Cassell will understandably look to cash in so franchise him or Brady and trade one of them so the qb needy teams of the AFC EAST don't get him( Favre---nothing lasts forever ) Chad------one hit away from retirement..........I am a Brady supporter and I think he will go chase chickens and train with Apollo Creed and get back the eye of the tiger........He will be back
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    If Matt C. learns to go deep and can get us far into the playoffs then it's a no-brainer to sign him for big bucks because he is the future not Brady. And the only way the Pats can improve the defensive backfield considerably is to trade Brady. Also, Cassel is a scrambler and Brady moves like my grandmother.
    Also, what guarentee do you have that Brady will recover and be like his previous self? Cassell's play in the playoffs will determine his future with the Pats,

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    moves need to be made with your head and not your heart you say? well then use your head next time dumb a$$ Tom Brady is the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will Brady? what a moron.
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    [Quote]Every time I think Boston fans can't possibly be any dumber, I happen upon this, which makes me wonder just how many of you were driven off a bridge at Chappaquiddick and left waiting underwater by Teddy Kennedy.

    How anyone could entertain the thought of trading Tom Brady is simply mind-boggling; let's face it, he is one of the best ever, and when he returns next season sometime, will likely regain that status.

    This is coming from a Giants' fan, mind you.

    As for Cassel and the hope that he'll bring a king's ransom, does the name Scott Mitchell come to mind?...I seriously doubt any team will ante up for a guy who has had a few hot weeks, can't throw the long ball and is just begging to have his clock cleaned with his frequent scrambles.

    Any team which commits to him long-term is out of its' mind; it's not everywhere that a QB can throw five-yard outs to Moss and Welker, and in case Brady's rehab suffers any setbacks, NEP would be wise to hold onto him via franchising him.[/Quote]

    Fagwell: If you are a Giants fan, why are you spending time here on a Boston sports forum? Do you not have anything better to do with your time?

    Brady is indeed one of the best of all time and will forever be one of my favorite New England professional athletes (right up there with Terry O'Reilly and Cam Neely). I find it very difficult to imagine a Patriots team without Brady. However, when you look at his personal situation, you have to wonder if he would rather be on the west coast so he can be near his son. I know I would! Damn you Bridget!

    My point is, Brady has accomplished so much here in New England. Where do you think his head is right now? I hope he's as hungry as ever to get his starting job back and crush things for the next 5+ years with the Pats. However, there is more to life than playing football for the New England Patriots. He is a family oriented guy and I'm sure his heart hurts not being near his son on a more frequent basis. Also, there's always that chance that he's not going to come back from his injury at 100%.

    The "idea" of "entertaining" trading Brady is not that crazy. Especially since Cassel is playing so well and you would get "kings ransom" for Brady in return that would set the team up for years to come!

    Look at the Giants. Eli is average but you won a superbowl because you have a dominant defense, running game, and outstanding offensive line. Enough said!
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    Calm down killa. It's just a sports(football fan's) forum, not life or death.
    I just threw an idea out there early this morning and am getting varied 50/50 feedback on the issue. The Red Sox forums have brought up the "trade Big Papi" issue, and I just thought after the last few weeks with pretty good showings from Cassel that a likewise forum should be started regarding Tom Brady. Let's face it... he would bring a boatload of prospects ala the Herschel Walker trade for the Cowboys many years ago.

    It amazes me that you have composed 1500 comments using "dumb a$$ & moron" and not been booted off here. It's a discussion forum... that's all. Discuss and have an opinion but no need for name calling.

    Sorry if I offended anyone.
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    Yea this is not baseball where players get traded every other week and Tom Brady has done more and is way more importent to his team then Big Papi, I love Papi but he is no Tom Brady. Tom Brady is the best QB to ever put teh pads on you would really be ok with trading away the greatest QB of all time at age 32? (he will be 32 next year he is only 31 right now) For Matt cassel? I am not saying we cant win with Cassel but Brady is the best there is the best there was an dthe best there ever will be if we made this trade we would be a laughing stalk for years to come and I would be not pleased with this staff for making a trade like this but I am pretty sure Belicheck would never make such a trade so i am not worried. And for the record I dont think we should trade Big Papi either.
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    How can ANYONE here even know how Brady will be next season?

    The conjecture for this string is a presumption that Brady will NOT be back at full strength. He just came off, what many have said, is the GREATEST single season a pro QB ever had and is in his PRIME! We are not even a season removed and due to an injury, from which he IS recovering, folks are talking trade. Being in his prime, means he is also in his prime to HEAL. I have no issue with the discussion, but, why even have the thought he may be washed up before he even has a chance to prove otherwise!

    What we have seen, is that the decision by the Pats to keep Cassel as a backup has proven they know a heck of a lot more about players than the fans. If we didn't have Brady, how many of you here would be salivating over the thought of the Pats pursuing Cassel if they were in the hunt for a QB next year?
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    MVP: Let me just be clear.. I am in no way suggesting that we trade Brady. Now that's out of the way, let me just say this:

    The Pats could easily be 9-2 right now if they didn't have the brain fart against the Colts and if the coin flipped to the other side in OT against the Jets. That's without Brady, Harrison, Adalius, Maroney, etc, etc, etc..

    I think there are teams out there stupid enough to give us their whole draft for Brady. Damn, Ditka did it for Ricky Williams!

    If we were to trade Brady, we could restock the entire roster with better players and potentially create a smothering dominant defense that will keep us competetive for years to come.

    Like you, I think Brady is the best thing since sliced bread but the idea is worthy of a discussion and a good old fashioned debate. Either way, I'm confident BB/Pioli will make the right decision.