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    Traveling to see the Sox

    My friends and I try to take sox road trips every year. Last year we saw them in Baltimore which was unbelievable. We then saw them in Anaheim last August. We can't really stand Angel fans. NO idea how we escaped the parking lot without getting in a fight. I've also seen them in Toronto and Yankee Stadium. Baltimore was still the best. I think we paid $12 for tickets and they were actually really good seats.
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    Traveling to see the Sox

    I have seen the Sox play for the last 6 years at Camden Yards. I've also seen them in Seattle and this past July in Cleveland. I did see them last summer at Fenway and have seen them in Fenway a few times when we lived in Mass.
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    Traveling to see the Sox

    I hope everyone realizes that the reason the Sox have a higher road attendance than the Yankees is not that they have more "passionate" fans or that their fans travel better. The reason for the difference is the fact that Fenway Park is miniscule. Fenway holds around 36,000 people and the Yankees have played 6 road games there. Yankee Stadium holds around 55,000 and the Red Sox have played 6 road games there. Obviously neither team has played a road game in the opposite park.

    If you take out those 6 games apiece, the Yankees average approx. 37,900 and the Sox approx. 37,300. That difference is essentially nothing, but the Yankees do have the slight edge. The small size of Fenway park skews the stats rather dramatically.
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    Traveling to see the Sox

    Saw the Red Sox at Safeco Field in Seattle few weeks ago. It was like Red Sox nation West!! I had plenty of company as I watched them trounce the Mariners 9-2. As Mariners fans packed up to go home in the 7th inning, many Red Sox fans came to stand with me 15 rows from the Mariners dugout to cheer the Sox on. Glad Cocoa was not hurt when the Mariners Moose almost ran him over.!! Safeco field is such a great park to see the game. HydroFoil Races were going on as well as the Blue Angels were flying overhead on a sunny and mid 70's day. Life was sweet that day!!

    Go Sox!!
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    Traveling to see the Sox

    From July 5th 2002 when the greatest hitter ted williams died I have been going to the redsox yankee games in New york every season. I wear my 1946 red so hat to the games as well. I am a die hard fan of the red sox.

    Michael A. Deckers

    West hartford Connecticut

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    Traveling to see the Sox

    The Jake is Fenway West, a real delight to watch a ballgame, the hot dogs are $1, and the Tee Shirts are $10, as a bonus visit Rock & Roll and NFL Hall of Fames
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    Traveling to see the Sox

    I moved to FL in Nov. of 2004 for a better lifestyle..and the ONE thing I missed was having the Sox and Pats on TV whevever I wanted, without buying premium channels to watch them. SO, the answer is to travel to Tropicana Field (45 minutes from my home in Sarasota) and see "my boys of summer" each time they come to play the Devil Rays. What a treat it has been to pay $45 for a great seat 10 rows from the field. WIth all the Boston Fans coming down to experience the "Fenway South" here in FL, It's getting so that I now have to order the tickets in advance, where a few years ago I was able to go to the box office the day of the game to get those seats! I LOVE IT!

    I had a great surprise in July when 3 friends from back in MA called me at 11:30 on a Friday night to ask me "hey lady, do you want to go to a Sox game tomorrow with us?" Immediately I knew they must have flown down here to FL because the Sox were here for a 3 game trip. What a thrill to watch the Sox with 3 of my buddies from back home. That was the best time I've had at a Sox game outside of games at Fenway. They were so amazed at the huge Sox crowd and the fun we had with fellow Sox fans in the stands, that they will come back each year for a 3 game trip! I can't wait. Each game it feels more and more like we are the 'home team' to echo many of the feelings from the previous bloggers. As a single woman, I can go to a game by myself and feel safe and among 'friends' when I am at the Trop. One of the treasures of seeing the Sox at an away location with ALL the other Sox fans, is the immediate feeling of home...this is ours, we all belong to the same Red Sox Nation. Unless you've experienced this, it's hard to put into words. I do miss Yawkey Way, the smells, the Fenway franks and the Green Monster, but I can go to the 2nd floor at Tropicana Field and become immersed in Red Sox history at the newly relocated Ted Williams Museum. It does make me feel like I'm at the Fens.

    The Sox come back to FL 9/21-9/23. Guess where I'll be. At the Trop watching 'my boys'...what better way to spend my next birthday!

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    Traveling to see the Sox

    I also have seen the Sox in:

    AT&T (Pacbell) SF Giants - by far the nicest ballpark in MLB. Saw Pedro K Bonds. Sox lost the game but seeing Petey challenge Baroids was the best.

    Kauffman Stadium KC Royals - so much better with grass. Only draw back it is a good distance from downtown and stuck in the middle of a huge parking lot. Bring your pregame brew and snacks cause there is nothing around. Unless you want to hike a couple or three miles.

    Camden Yards - lots to do around the area before and after the games.

    MacFee - Oakland - hate the place. Seats are too far from the field. Nothing around the stadium. I haven't been to Shea or the Metrobag but this is the worst place I have been.

    Chase Field AZ D'Backs - it's OK but I thought the place lacked character. Was like watching a game in a huge warehouse. Plus it's too hot to hang around outside before or after the games. If you don't get into the couple of places around the stadium at least two to three hours before the game you're toast.

    Safeco Seattle - one of my favs. Lots to do in the city. Plenty of places to hit before and after the games.

    Angels Stadium - they did a nice job with the remodel. They are drawing so the crowds are much bigger than the mid 90s when I lived in Cali.

    Dodger Stadium - it's OK but not much around the place. Plus LA traffic is no freakin joke.

    Wringley - lots of fun to go. Cubbie fans are so fun to watch and hear. It's almost painful. We all know the feeling. Great surrounding neighborhood.

    New Busch - very nice. Easy to get to. Great sightlines. (Saw the Cubs vs. Cards)

    Great America Ball Park (Cincy) - very nice venue and they have a great beer selection. Local breweries. I am not a fan of downtown Cincinnati. Not a whole lot of places to hit before and after the games. (Saw the Brewers vs. Reds)

    Old Tiger Stadium - enough said.

    Old Comisky Park - ditto.

    Next year planning trips to see the Brewers and Pirates when the Sox visit.

    Enjoyed reading all the posts. Go Sox!!

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    Traveling to see the Sox

    We were frequent "visitors" at the Trop until last year when the noise (canned) became too deafening. They also use cowbells, which I suspect are canned --I've never seen anyone using them! Plus the few Rays fans there really rub it in when they win occasionally, to the point of being rude, drunk, and threatening. It became a very uncomfortable situation, even tho Sox fans are in the majority. So they have lost our business.
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    Traveling to see the Sox

    We were in Camden Yard two weeks ago for all 3 games. Except for the Red Sox bullpen, it was a great weekend. I know the history of Fenway is unparalelled, but the comfort, site lines, cleanliness and concourses in Camden far outweigh the history of Fenway. I am officially now a convert - time for a new Boston ballpark!

    And by the way, there had to be 30,000 sox fans at the Saturday game which was amazing! Finding Orioles fans in our section was like leafing through a "Where's Waldo" book.

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    Traveling to see the Sox

    Hey TB,

    Do you still get to run the bases after the game at the Trop? I never did it but it looks like fun!

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    Traveling to see the Sox

    My first visit to Baltimore was on 8/12-the day Kevin Millar hit the walk-off homer in the 10th. Lots of O's fans rubbed it in during the walk back to our car--heard things like "Come on cowboy up now, no crying in baseball" and on and on.

    Guess you can't blame the O's fans, afterall, they haven't won to many series against the Sox recently. Baltimore was a great place to visit. We went to DC the day after and again, lots of Sox fans all over the place.

    My favorite away game will always be game 7 of the 04 ALCS in Yankee stadium! Go Sox!!

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    Traveling to see the Sox

    The only time I saw them on the road was at a double header (anyone out there remember those ?) at Yankee Stadium in 1963. I was in the Navy at the time and Uncle Sam had provided me with transportation to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Long story short....Sox lost both games and I haven't seen an away game since.
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    Traveling to see the Sox

    When living in LA I was a regular at the Angels when the Sox were in town. Now that I am in the northern CA I am stuck seeing them in Oakland. It really is wonderful seeing all the Sox fans there. Saw them when they were in SF. Traveled to Colorado a couple years back. I think they left 115 runners on base in that series but it was still a great time. At one point the Sox fans were all shouting out the home town in NE they were from. We (the fans) were very dominant in that series. I think the Colorado fans were shocked at how loud we were, they didn't know what to make of us. I think we schooled them in the art of cheering. Probably one of the best trips was to Wrigley. Just a geat time all around with the atmosphere, Cubs fans, the city and of course that WONDERFUL ball park. It was amazing seeing all the Boston fans on the subways.

    Red Sox fans are truly blessed when watching their club out of town.
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    Traveling to see the Sox

    Being a member of Red Sox Nation WEST, we never get to Fenway. Getting tickets to away games for the Red Sox get more difficult every year. We see them every time they come to Anaheim, but we always travel to see them in at least one or two other cities each year. So far we've been to Red Sox games in Atlanta, Minneapolis, San Diego, Oakland, and this year we just came back from the games in Seattle! Next year we're thinking Kansas City or Tampa.
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    Traveling to see the Sox

    I lived in Northern Virginia for twenty years and had a friend with Orioles Season Tickets. I would get to at least one game a series vs. the O's at Camden Yards and before that at Memorial. Seats were in the front row on the third base side. More and more Sox fans would be at the games as the years went by. Danny, the All Star beer vendor on the third baseline, knows me well as do many of the fans. I am usually loud and proud about my love of the Sox and enjoyed friendly banter with opposing fans--even the Towson State football team. Got my first major league baseball after Cal Ripken lined out to Darren Lewis in Cal's 2nd to last game in the Majors.

    BTW: Many of the Sox fans who go to games vs. the Orioles are transplants to the Baltimore/Washington DC area. Sox announcers alwasy say many Sox fans flew down for the games, but most actually drove up to the game from Virginia, DC, and MD. The traffic on highways before Sox/Os games is ridiculous.

    Other stadiums I've seen the Sox play include:

    1. Yankee Stadium--Every Sox fan should go into the heart of enemy territory. The Yankee Tavern is a good place to hang out, even if you are a Sox fan.
    2. SAFECO Field--Beautiful park in Seattle. Can walk behind bullpens.
    3. Comerica (Detroit)
    4.Citizens (Philly)
    5. HHH (Minn)
    6. Skydome (Tor)
    7. Oakland
    8. New Comiskey/US Cellular (Chi)

    These days, you'll find tons of Sox fans wherever they play.

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    Traveling to see the Sox

    Since I joined the Air Force in 1972, I've lived away from home and now reside in San Antonio.

    Saw the Sox in Baltimore's Municipal Stadium on May 18, 1973...got married the day before and mixed the honeymoon with the Red Sox-O's series. Bill Lee pitched, and I got Yaz' and Reggie Smith's autograph. The other two games were washed out.

    Also saw them in 1984 in Chicago's Comiskey Park with my six kids...Jim Ed a long one into the seats in the first and the Sox won 3-1. All my kids and I were decked out in Red Sox gear and the Chisox faithful couldn't help but smile at all the little ones.

    We go and see the Sox usually every year in Arlington...this year, it was the 38 degree game! Nice deal in Dallas...I buy 10 vouchers for $99 to sit in the right or left field seats that go for $23 on game day. Got my first MLB ball this year when Mark Ellis hit one into my glove the same night Bonds hit his record breaker, but Ellis' shot meant more to me...I've waited 50 years for that ball!

    Since we've been away so long, getting to Fenway is a huge treat. In 1990 when we came back from Turkey, we got in the bleachers and for the first time, my 12 year old son got to see Fenway. He was so excited! All the years of watching them play and finally the big moment came. What a smile as I ran ahead to see his reaction! Sox beat Cleveland, Greenwell a homer and Anderson the save...

    Gotta love it!

    Tony Uminski

    San Antonio Chapter

    Red Sox Nation

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    Traveling to see the Sox

    We saw the Sox take 2 out of 3 from the Diamondbacks in Phoenix this year. Not only was the stadium filled with Red Sox Faithful, but the plane we came in on from New Mexico had so many Sox fans that the Southwest pilot announced our presence, which lead to a plane wide chorus of "Yankees Suck!" Nice stadium, by the way, even if the Arizona fans are far too laid back.

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    Traveling to see the Sox

    I went to the Red Sox Orioles Games a couple of weeks ago in Camden Yards. It was crazy there were so many Sox fans!
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    Traveling to see the Sox

    I am a retired Naval officer who grew up in Rhode Island but I moved away 30 years ago and have lived all over the country. I have settled in Jacksonville, Florida. I went to countless Fenway games growing up - the first time in 1959. Whenever I lived within commuting distance of an American League park, I would try to catch the Sox. I saw the Red Sox in the old Kingdome in 1979. That was the last time I saw Yaz play and he hit a home run, I think it was number 399. I was not stationed near an American League park again until 1987 and, again, it was the Seattle area. I saw them play the Mariners several times in '87 and '88. I moved to the DC area in 1989 and went to the old Municpal Stadium several times. I believe I saw Mo Vaughn his his first major league home run there. I left before Camden Yards was finished.

    I didn't get to see them on the road again until a few years ago when I started making regular trips to St Petersburg to see the Sox play the Devil Rays. I could not believe the difference. There had been a few Sox fans in attendance at those earlier games but the overwhelming presence of Sox fans at the Devil Rays games was amazing. I have since travelled to Baltimore in 2004 and Atlanta in 2006 to see games. Again, the Sox presence was overwhelming. In fact, the local paper carried stories about the Braves players complaining it. This is the first year I have only been able to catch one series, business commitments would not allow me to go to any series except the July 27-29 games at Tropicana Field. My 24 year old son and I drive to Tampa via Orlando where my 26 year old nephew flies in from Rhode Island and we see all three games. This has become a family tradition. The Red Sox fans seem to be about 65% vacationing New Englanders and 35% expatriates like myself.

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    Traveling to see the Sox

    We have been to games in Baltimore, Pitt., AZ, NY and Tampa Bay and always had a blast EXCEPT at Yankee Stadium! some woman wanted to pick a fight w/ me at the end of the game.....................AND NY WON!!!!

    We saw Terry Francona in the mall in baltimore and while he did stop to talk to us, he looked a bit uncomfortable, so now if we see any of the guys on the team out anywhere, we just smile and wave!!! I can imagine how crazy it is for them.

    My most favorite thing to do is to go to Spring Training, what a fun place to spend the day and watch a game. We've been going for 5 yrs and have even gotten to know some of the workers. I'd highly recommend a trip!

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    Traveling to see the Sox

    I saw the Boston Red Sox play this year in San Diego and in Seattle. The Red Sox fans were louder and more visible in each venue, but I doubt they outnumbered the home team's fans, who generally were more reserved and were less likely to wear their team's garb.

    I am sometimes amused that fans who complain about high ticket prices will pay inflated prices for a team's licensed merchandising.

    The Red Sox, Yankees and Cubs are among franchises with long histories that have produced multiple generations of fans. It hard to find a Padre fan or a Mariner fan whose great-grandfather was a Padre fan or a Mariner fan. The short life of a newer franchise affects its extended fan base.

    The general population shift to the West and South also impacts the spilt of fans at baseball games. West Coast residents with East Coast roots probably outnumber East Coast residents with West Coast roots. The former New Englander may see the Red Sox play in the person's new home on the West Coast.

    The Red Sox also have benefited from a bandwagon effect following the magic of the 2004 World Series run. I'm sure the 2004 Red Sox attracted new fans from Chula Vista to Issaquah.

    On June 22, the boisterous Boston fans maintained their enthusiasm in Daisuke Matsuzaka's win in San Diego. However, the raucous Red Sox fans were quieted on June 27 when Jose Lopez doubled home Ichiro in the 11th inning of Matsuzaka's next start as the Mariners completed a three-game sweep.



    The Red Sox have always drawn well on the West Coast, although fewer Boston fans were present at these pre-2004 games I attended in Anaheim and in Oakand.



    In those games, the Red Sox trotted out a couple of decent starters in Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez.

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    Traveling to see the Sox

    I live in upstate New york so even when i go to Boston I am travelling to see the Sox. We travel to Detroit evey year for Fri, Sat, Sun games. It is a cool place to see a game. Nice stadium, friendly people, hotel in walking distance. We used to get great seats but they are tougher to get now that the tigers are good. Toronto is also a great place to travel to. Obviously there are no rain outs and good seats are readilly available. It is a cool city as well. I am travelling to Boston this weekend, we have Sunday tix. If we were to try to get 2 tix for Saturday in the bleachers what do the scalpers usually get. I have never gone without tix but since we are traveling that far we might try to get Sat tix if it is not too unreasonable. Any clue as to what we might pay?