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    Troy Brown, a great player

    I saw today that Pat's are probably not going to resign Troy Brown. I've been a Pat's fan for many years, probably more so in the�past than now.� Troy Brown has been my favorite player for many years.� He was an exciting player to watch, and I also admired how, earlier in his career,�like Ben Coates, he appeared to me to carry the offense at times-more specifically, shoulder the passing game.�� Whether it was Bledsoe or Brady, Brown was the guy they would lean on.� I remember a playoff�game against Pittsburgh - it may have been the pinacle of Brown's career, where he, in my opinion,�won the game for the Pat's-he was unstoppable.� The next year in a regular game, if I recall correctly, the Pittsburgh players kept going at�� Brown trying to injure him in my opinion for revenge�- they finally succeeded, and, although he he was a great receiver after that, I felt that unstoppable quality was gone.��� It was great when he started playing defense as well - that was amazing too.� If he signs for another team and plays, I'll be watching�following them�(wearing my Troy Brown Pat's shirt).� You never know with Brown - the magic may return.

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    Troy Brown, a great player

    Troy needs to know when to call it quits. BB and Kraft paid him to hang around last year and I'm sure they would use him as an assist receiver coach or something, but they can't keep paying him for ever. Plus it does count agianst the cap and roster. It's just not what's best for the team.

    We loved you Troy, best of luck.. BINGO

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    Troy Brown, a great player

    Some dilhole will offer him a contract just to spite the Pats...Hire him as a special assistant, Kraft.� The Pats are already on the low end of the league average for�hired staff.