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    I wanted to let those of you who remain on this board know that a long time poster "Tulsabulldog" has been given the news that his long fight with cancer is almost over. Doctors have given him days to live. Since the change in format on this board many of the old posters have gone elsewhere, but I know a few of you remain. If you remember Tulsa and would like to leave your thoughts to him, there is a thread on that is devoted to him and I believe his wife Sherry is passing on the thoughts written there to him.

    I thought folks like Costanza, JimfromFlorida, etc..., would like to know.

    Here's a link to the thread if you'd like to say a few words. I'm sure they would be appreciated.

    copy and paste this to your browser....
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    My thanks, too, CTChris.

    I had a tears in my eyes as I read the last page of posts. It was good to see some old familiar fan's names. Now I know where they all went. But so sad to know a true fan and gentleman has such little time left after fighting so hard...
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    There aren't many times on these boards where you feel like you know someone or would actually want to. Tulsabulldog is one of the few you would actually like to meet in person. I found myself searching for his posts daily to see his take on things and always enjoyed our conversations. I know for me that the venture on to this board won't be the same. Too many times these boards become an arena to bash each other for differing views but you never got that bush league stuff from Okie. He has been a true gentleman in every sense of the word. I know that when his time on earth is over that the world will be a lot lesser of a place for it. Take care friend. Carl
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    Son of ab!tch!!

    The best are always taken too soon.
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