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    Ty Law discussion

    Even if the jets sign him it will most likely only fuel the growing mutiny regarding paying outside players too much money and not taking care of their own players. Really a win/win for the Pats. Jets are going to implode this year and Mangini is on his way out!
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    Ty Law discussion

    I think Ty�s playing days are numbered, it would look like a desperation move for the Pat�s to bring him back, I don�t see it happening. I think they have a younger corner on the radar. There are still quite a few good DB�s out here. -->--> -->-->

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    Ty Law discussion

    Law is looking for $5 Million per year GOD LUCK!! He runs a 4.8 forty YD Dash let him go. We still have the Kid from Notre Dame I think he will turn out to suprise many people.
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    Ty Law discussion

    I found this on some blog, just passing it along:

    As we all know, former Jet cornerback Ty Law isvisiting with the team today. We have no idea what this may lead to,but I'm sure Mike Tannenbaum wants Law back on the team. Now, therereally isn't much to say about the guy. I mean the perspective that Jetfans may have to have right now is: "Do we want Law taking over oursecondary and making it better?" I think I do! As I reported in mylinks post today, T-Rock says that the Pats will also visit with him,as does Fanhouse. Would it be a huge miss if we couldn't get this guy?No. But would it be bad for us if the Pats got him back? Yes, I beleiveit would be. The Pats secondary isn't as good anymore since they gotrid of Gay and Samuel, and if they got Law that would just be afriendly way of saying to Jet fans: "We just don't stop, do we?"

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    Ty Law discussion

    and where are they supposed to get the money to sign the #7 pick and give law the 4-5 million a year for 3 years?

    and since he wants to move to safety to extend his career, who will no longer be a safety or warming the bench so a chubby 34 year old can take his place? Merriweather or Sanders?

    and how are they going to have any chance on trading down if they sign law? Every team in the league will know they can't afford the 7th pick, so they won't offer crap. And remember, no team should start a season without a few million left.

    Who thinks Law, with his lifestyle that he has every intention of keeping until his 90 yrs old, is going to come at a discount?

    It's not going to happen.

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    Ty Law discussion

    Id Like to see ty Law finish his career a patriot,and plus he would be better then whats on the roster now at CB's.Plus if ty law is smart he would choose the pats for most Likely he would be the no.1 corner on the team.the pats are around 11 millon under the cap so they wont spend to much on older players.but I feel they need a big name LB,and DB on the team.since im dreaming throw in Lorenzo neiL
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    Ty Law discussion

    Ty wants to max out his worth. Not that I blame him, I would play all angles if i was in his position. I would offer him 1 mil with maybe some small incentives. He's not among the best corners any more. If the Jets want to overpay let them just like philly did with Asante.

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    Ty Law discussion

    Ty Law is so full of crap it stinks! I hope Law looks on here and reads this. I use to love this guy, but it is obvious he is all about the money. SHOW ME THE MONEY! Wasn't Ty Law on Jerry McGuire? Oh, wait that was Cuba Gooding Jr.

    Law says he wants to go to a contender, but I gaurantee he will go back to the Jets for more money than play for the Patriots for less. Ty, news flash the Jets are not contenders. Enjoy 4-6 wins next year. Mangina and the preying mantits sucks! He is trying to save his job by unloading boat loads of cash to average players and you might be next!

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    Ty Law discussion

    I think he's still useful at the right price. That price being the veteran minimum. Since obviously he won't sign for that price -- well, nice knowing you Ty. We'll still cheer for you when you are introduced twice a year when the Jets play the Pats.

    I really wouldn't mind seeing Ty as a Pat during Colts games, though. Ty has owned Manning over the years.

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    Ty Law discussion

    From 2004

    "I can't do a thing about it but express my displeasure about playing for this organization," Law told the Globe. "I'll go to training camp. I've got bonuses for going to training camp. I'm just saying it won't be a comfortable working atmosphere. It's not a reason to hold out. I get $1 million just to show up. Who wouldn't show up for $1 million? The money ain't the thing, because I have that. Then again, I'm not going to sit here and say I don't want $7 million, either. That's stupid. Hell, we all gotta eat. "

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    Ty Law discussion

    Honestly I'd have to see Ty Law play in our system and show that he's lost a step before I write him off. The question is do we go with a guy with 13 years experience in the league or do we draft someone and also stockpile guys who have never been much more than the 3rd or 4th best corner on their team. Bottom line is that when law left he was a guy who could command 10 million a year. Now he'll probably be lucky to get more than 2-3 million and certainly not more than a 1 year deal. If the Jets want to give him more go for it. Law has to look at the fact that the Pats are in the playoffs every year, they have a system that always works. The Jets might offer more money but they just have so many question marks that I would say that less money and a chance to win is what the smart guy would take. The jets are hoping that they're redskin like spending spree gets them in, except the problem is they still don't have a qb. Jets suck