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    Is it my imagination, or is he still not hitting worth anything?

    Going back to working on his swing, it is a little bit too late, that ship has sailed...

    It is time to make a move on the catcher front...actually a bout 3 weeks ago would have been great!

    Bullpen catcher/assistant for Varitek...work with the younger pitchers & catchers...give him a position withing the club!

    GO SOX!!!
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    In an unrelated story: "A-ROD Tosses Away Crutches!"

    Wow! What a man, what a trooper, such a stud!

    (I didnt think it was worth starting a new thread for him, so...)
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    Don't worry about his .105 spring training average. By the end of the season he'll double it to .210.
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    If Theo has a weakness it seems to be his loyalty towards aging veterans. There was no doubt in my mind Tek can't throw, run or hit anymore. Hopefully he can find a comfort zone, or Bard has a good year to help the offense a bit. Wake is another perfect example, he is one of a kind and could pitch until he's 50 but can he be productive?

    The price was right to keep him but he just looks awfull on the mound so far.
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    Bottom line is......

    He sucks
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    It's time to start looking for catching help, Tek is not going to be the catcher he once was, and it's time to cut the cord with Wake also. While I love both players and will always be grateful for what they have meant to the Sox, their comes a time to face facts and that time is now 2009. I would give Mark Wagner a long look at catcher, and pur Buchholz in Wakes spot. I would thank both players and offer them jobs in the orginazation, then move forward.