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    Wave Red SOCKS game 6

    The towel & sock thing is better than those stupid storm sticks that were popular a few years ago! Someone at work had some of those things and when he banged them together, I wanted to break them! Indians fans looked really sad and were using them to cry in and cover their faces when they knew their team was losing! Sad!

    Go Sox! Red Sox!

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    Wave Red SOCKS game 6

    hahahahaha ...had written this similar note (see below) to Amalie Benjamin yesterday (prior to game 5)

    and it IS a fantabulous idea ... glad to see us Red Sox fans on the same page ;) these, by the way, are awesome:

    "Sock it to'em" -and- "We will, we will Sock you"

    ooo, and thanks Kevin Millar - that was super rich !


    hey Amalie,

    IF the Sox can get the series back to the Fens, and as cheesy as it might sound, how 'bout starting a campaign !
    first, we'd have to get Sox brass to agree (wink)
    ok, announce it via newspaper, internet, etc. (sports news media -ESPN & the like- will report it and the news spreads like wildfire) that Sox brass will be passing out one red sock to every fan entering Fenway Park for games 6 & 7 - imploring each and person lucky enough to have tickets to these games to wave their red socks wildly throughout Fenway all night long !
    too, Sox brass appeal to all of Red Sox Nation to find their one red sock, and wherever they're watching, contribute to the movement, waving our collective red socks wildly all game long and across Red Sox Nation - infusing all of our love and energy into our Sox ... the players feel all this love and it literally lifts/carries them into the World Series !!!
    but first, we gotta get them back home to Fenway ...
    at both the Cleveland Indians & the Colorado Rockies parks the fans do that waving towel thing (a little annoying) and it really looks like the stadiums are visually pulsating ... and the energy at Fenway already borders on
    e l e c t r i c
    so why not give it a try at the 'ole ballpark ???
    IF the Sox can get the series back to the Fens, and as cheesy as it might sound, that kind of energy exchange can be a pretty powerful thing ...
    s p r e a d t h e w o r d !
    f i n d y o u r o n e r e d s o c k
    j o i n t h e w a v e fellow Sox fans !
    G O S O X !!!
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    Wave Red SOCKS game 6

    It's great to see other fans on this message board from CA! We, too, are "way out west" and love and support our RED SOX just like you! I think it's a great idea...although I can't say in all the years I've been watching the RED SOX that the fans have waved anything. I wonder if the idea has enough time and momentum to catch on! Either way, tonight's game will be one for the ages with Big Schill on the mound! We can hardly wait! I don't think I've been this nervous in a long, long time. LET'S GO, RED SOX, LET'S GO!
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    Wave Red SOCKS game 6

    Why stop with small red sox....wave your red sheets.....the bigger, the better....just make the Indians see RED !!!

    Roses are red, the Sox are red hot, The Indians are blue, because they are !!!


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    Wave Red SOCKS game 6


    Totally agree. This is a horrible idea - that is why they do it in Cleveland and Minnesota and other lame parts of the country. This is Boston for crying out loud! Any Red Sox fan who remembers Jim Burton, Win Remmerswaal, or Steve Renko should be ashamed of themselves for going along with this.
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    Wave Red SOCKS game 6

    The wearing of the red

    By Gordon Edes, Globe Staff

    Red Sox officials are asking fans coming to Fenway for tonight's game to wear red as a show of support for the team. That could be a bit confusing, since Indians fans are also known to wear red. "I'm just glad we don't have to deal with those stupid towels,'' said second baseman Dustin Pedroia, evidently unimpressed by the sight of 44,000 fans in Jacobs Field waving their white linens.


    Show your colors and make them see RED !

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    Wave Red SOCKS game 6

    I agree with everything Tut has posted so far. The same people that have totally killed the atmosphere at Fenway (Because ticket prices/availability have driven quite a few diehards out of the park) will prolly love this idea though. Over-under on the amount of people who will actually do this AND have a pink/green hat on is starting at 50. Takers?

    This is the worst idea I've seen in ages. You think that waving red socks will actually mean a damn thing? Please don't embarass us Sox fans that can't make it to a game who'd boo people who wave red socks...
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    Wave Red SOCKS game 6

    That's great! I'm a transplant, too! I moved out to CA way back in 1990 from CT, but we did live in Plymouth, MA for a long time, too! I love Boston, always have and always will! I met my husband in '92, he's from Lake Tahoe, and fast forward 15 years, we have 4 kids...twin boys, (age 14), our daughter is almost 8, and our last little guy is 4! Sometimes I think they are crazier about the Red Sox than I am!!! It's been quite a ride this season, to say the least. The last few weeks of the season were real nailbiters, but here we are, Game 6 of the ALCS back home at Fenway where it should be! Only a little over 4 more hours to go....the anticipation is almost unbearable! And I love it that Bill Mueller is throwing out the first pitch...the crowd will be electric! And I hear you about Johnny Damon, too. Team loyalty in sports has almost disappeared completely. Let's pray that Mikey Lowell is suiting up in his familiar #25 Sox uniform next season, too. I don't mean to get ahead of what's really important RIGHT NOW...BIG SCHILL ON THE HILL MUST DELIVER TONIGHT!