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    what this really proves

    Although last night's thumping doesn't disprove cheating by the Patriots coaching staff, it does prove that the players can still execute every play sent into the game, that it wasn't the players doing the cheating, and most of all, that San Diego is weak.

    One of yesterday's commentators said it best when he related this whole thing to Barry Bonds. He said, even though Barry was juiced at the time, he still has to be able to HIT the ball. The same holds true for the Pats. They have great players who can make the play happen, and control the game. They have to be able to block, tackle, run and pass well. Well, they do.

    You guys had a great game last night, and I'm a little worried if my Steelers end up meeting you guys in the playoffs.

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    what this really proves

    I think you're comparing apples to oranges with the Barry Bonds analogy, but I'm tired of hearing about the tape "scandal". Some form of monitoring another team's signals is being used by everyone in the league.

    That being said, good luck to your team this year. Steelers are off to a great start after last season.

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    what this really proves

    Let's get something straight. The Pats didn't do anymore "chating" than anyone else. All smart teams engage in information gathering to sudy their opponents. As many have pointed out, there are other ways to do this that are within NFL rules. BB blatantly volated NFL rules on how this is to be done. To call it cheating (along the lines of Bonds) is a real stretch. The Pats win because they are disciplined and smart. Smart people study information. Everyone, including rules committee, real cheaters like Dungy and Pollian, know that BB has long been an avid collector and studier of videotape. The rule against videotaping, as opposed to other forms of info gathering, was an attempt to "legally" put a stopper on BB and the Pats. The rule about contact with receivers was an equal attempt to put the stop on the Pats more aggressive style of play, that gave them an advantage over finesse teams like the Colts. This is all about preventing any team from dominating year in and year out. The NFL's intervention to equalize the playing field is tantamount to communism. BB and the Pats embody the competitive spirit that made this country great. If other teams are adversely affected by what the Pats do to win, let them be smart and disciplined enough to come up with effective counter-measures.
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    what this really proves

    Well, I was really giving your team props. What I got back was sore assed replies. I guess that's the last time I'll give respect for a job well done. I guess some of you guys are sore winners as well as sore losers.