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    Why is Buchholz untouchable?


    You've already seen what happened with Clay Buchholz. How much more do you need to see?[/Quote]

    Um, he's had 18 starts in the big leagues. I think we'd like to maybe see a bit more than that.
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    Why is Buchholz untouchable?

    Some of the remarks on this board are so baseball-dumb it's mind-blowing.

    Some are very intelligent, and I want to apologize in advance to them, and for anyone who posted after page 3 whom I echo here, but I had to stop reading.

    First, to answer the original post:
    1. Buccholz is not "untouchable." He's highly valued. How many other highly-valued starting pitching prospects have you seen being tossed around by other teams? He may or may not be traded - but given your posts, I doubt you have Theo "in your Five," and so the use of 'untouchable' is speculative at best.

    2. You don't sell into a falling market. Buccholz's perceived value fell after last year, which means you won't get max return on him right now.
    The stock analogy is too simplistic, but there is something that went unmentioned by those who bring it up. You don't lose your shirt refusing to sell into a sinking market, you lose your shirt by refusing to diversify your risk and having all your eggs in one (sinking) basket.

    Or to put it in baseball terms you might get: one doesn't trade starting pitchers until you are CERTAIN they will never win 15 games and give you 180+ innings in a MLB season.

    What I find incredible is the lack of understanding here of the things that are most-valued in major league baseball, given the apparent amount of time you donate to the topic.

    Are any of you actually fans of the game, or just like buying merchandise and wanking on a message board? I'm sorry to be like that, but there's a limit ...

    Here's what MLB teams really, really value, other than the obvious dominators like A-Rod, Beckett, etc.

    * Innings-eating starters who keep you in a game
    * Guys whose OBP outpaces others at their position
    * Ability to work the count (i.e., up the pitch count for opponents)
    * Versatility
    * Durability
    * Financial lack of leverage / roster flexibility

    So, when you have someone who has the potential to eat a lot of innings for you, whose contract you control for a while, who costs you very little right NOW on payroll, well, you hang on to him.

    See: remark above on how many other teams are winging around their top starting-pitching prospects for inflexible (SS or nothing!), overpaid, aging roster-weights like Michael Young.

    Yeah, they're just lining up.

    This is why players like Coco Crisp and Jacoby Ellsbury (who are basically the same player with different trim packages) aren't the be-all, end-all. Their primary traits (speed, good outfield defense) are more commonplace, and thus replaceable. One can make an argument that Ellsbury's speed is close to dominating, but if he can't improve his ability to get on base, that won't matter.

    "No wonder that this forum was vacated by so many for greener, more intelligent pastures."
    I wouldn't mind knowing where that is. If you care to post.
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    Why is Buchholz untouchable?

    The bottom line? We had opportunity to separate ourselves in AL East by signing Santana. Is it fair to guys like Lowell, Ortiz and other veterans to wait for 'future' when they had chance to win it 'now' by adding a sure thing?

    How did that work out for Celtics? Drafting one high school phenom after another, building for the future. Clay MAY turn out to be a decent pitcher but we will never get back the 2008 season. Santana would have helped us.

    Theo loves Clay because they have the same makeup. Mentally soft. I'm willing to be 100% wrong about Clay but I have my doubts.

    I just don't see the toughness exhibited by Lester, Youk, Dustin, etc in Clay. He looks more like the guy in American Idol.
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    Why is Buchholz untouchable?

    Law AKA Boras Jr.
    We have won 2 World Series in the past 5 years under this administration which is a considerably better than any other administration. The fact that you don't recognize this achievement and continue to bable about trades that weren't made or players whose feelings were hurt without any factual basis speaks volumes about your lack of knowledge about the team and its history. Please feel free to throw away your pink or other pastel colored hat and get of the bandwagon.