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    Your thoughts on pink hats


    Please, ladies and gentlemen

    GET A LIFE!!

    This is how Bush got re-elected....
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    Your thoughts on pink hats

    [Quote]Take off your green hat and shut up! Boston as a city has gotten better. Southie and Charlestown were sewers where scumbags lived. You want to return to those days? The locals back then didnt know how to run a city, so they shouldnt have a say on what hat to wear to a game. YOU SIR, ARE A TRUE BOSTON IDIOT!


    The city of Boston has changed dramatically throughout the past 2 decades.  The downfall of the Irish Mob, the yuppification of the old neighborhoods like Southie and Charlestown.  

    The locals are having to put up with alot of change in our beloved city.
    The Red Sox are our team.  Fans take their Red Sox very personally.

    With the Red Sox recent success, and with the signing of high profile players like Pedro and Manny, suddenly the Red Sox tickets started to become difficult to get.   Much like the plentiful parking in southie, buying bleacher seats on the day of the game are long gone.  

    People don't realize that Fenway belongs to the fans as much as the Red Sox do.   The original fans can remember the shirtless fans brawling in the bleachers.   I remember as a kid that I would watch the bleachers more than the game cause I didn't want to miss a fight.  If you got stuck in a long line at the bathroom you could get back to your seat and ask anyone in your section what you missed and you'd get a knowledgeble and concise update.  

    Fans in the old Fenway knew their team and loved their park. 

    It had character.

    The new Fenway has too many corporate fans.   Too many people who are willing to pay too much money just because the Red Sox are the popular team now.   We have to sit through games listening to the conversations of the people around us.  Businessmen treating the game like a meeting and clueless out of towners who know nothing and are just happy to be there.

    The pink hats have come to personify those people. No character, just bandwagoneers.   Only at the game to be seen and to be able to say to their coworker that they were there. 

    Most couldn't even give you the current lineup if you asked.  

    That's L.A.    Boston isn't L.A.   We are the anti L.A. 

    Pink hats in Fenway?    

    If you're going to go to Fenway but your not a real fan,  have some respect for the locals.  Your in their park, if they find pink hats offensive,  don't wear them.  

    Romaticizing shirtless brawlers in the bleachers? That's just dumb and ignorant. Yeah, corporatism plagues sports but that's everywhere and not unique to Fenway. Wearing a pink hat in no way disrespects fans. And again, who the hell are you to judge who's a REAL fan? Yeesh, people really need to lighten up. Self righteous haters give Boston a bad rap.
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    Your thoughts on pink hats

    The view from up here on this bandwagon is pretty sweet.  Glad to have jumped up on here.  Just have to ignore some of the old folks who just ride this thing around all day and stare you down like those guys on the T.  But here I sit, watching a great baseball team make history.
    Don't insult me for not donating half of my former life time to the Sox.  Frankly I am not old enough to know much about the history of the team, but when someone who is tells me about it, I listen.  And yes, I do know who is starting in center and who is on the DL.  But if I didn't, that doesn't mean I don't like to watch baseball.  And I wear my green hat proudly and show my support for the city of my birth, and its historically great baseball and basketball organizations.
    Honestly, I am sorry that increased interest in our team has made tickets more expensive/difficult to come by.  It sucks for the common man like myself, forced to go to the local single A club games and imagine it is the big club (go Troy Valley Cats).
    I think the pink hats have their place too.  If someone wants to split their support for the Sox and for breast cancer awareness, thats fine with me.  I think all of MLB should sport pink hats on mothers' day for breast cancer awareness, just like the pink bats.
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    Your thoughts on pink hats

    [Quote]How is this news, and secondly who cares?  Do you take issue with people whoe wear yellow or baby blue hats?  It is just a color.  Any store selling caps has a whole rainbow of colors, pink is just one of them.  it is fascinating that the color hated is pink because for the most part only women would wear these.  Are you implying all female fans are posers?

    Honestly,  does it really matter if someone is new to liking a sport?   Are they infringing on your rights by enjoying a baseball game?  Maybe you should focus on things like sanctions on North Korea getting dropped, the housing market falling even further or  the drastic  decline of the  Dollar.  These are the things THAT MATTER and actually have an affect on YOUR LIFE.[/Quote]

    Exactly the point. Those things are serious and beyond the control of the average person at this point in time. The sox ticket thing matters for the same reason several of these other things do: the illustrate the limited rationality of markets and the means through which market distortions can take place that impact price.

    Having people discuss the issues you raise already has forums, talk radio and political message boards, and they accomplish no more in general on their subject areas than does this topic on this board. I can do what exactly personally that will directly change US Government policy toward the DPRK, increase the value of the dollar or fix the housing market ? In the short term, the answer is exactly nothing so maybe allowing people to have a discussion over a more local issue over which they can have some control (if you don't like being around fair weather fans, don't go to Fenway) might be more pleasant. This is the problem with citizenship in the age of electronic communication.
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    Your thoughts on pink hats

    I'm a woman and I hate the pink hats.  In Chinese, there's not a word for the color pink; we call it "powder red."  So to me, a pink hat represents a wimpy version of red.

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    Your thoughts on pink hats

    "This is how Bush got re-elected...."

    Bush got re-elected because this is a conservative country. I know most people in this area are emasculated liberal weenies who think you're smarter than everyone else, but even with the media in your back pocket, the bribery, race baiting and divisive tactics,  you are still outnumbered. This is why ultra-liberal socialist Obama hasn't a chance in hell come November.  2 Presidents in 40 some odd years ought to tell you everything you need to know about  the Democratic party.
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    Your thoughts on pink hats


    Please, ladies and gentlemen


    This is how Bush got re-elected.

    Or as the late Jack Cole once said, "We'll be back with more alleged news right after this."

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    Your thoughts on pink hats

    Been a Red Sox Fan all of my life... Yet, I'm not old enough to remember the days when Fenway was subtly closed off to African-Americans. Why go to a place where you don't feel welcome. (The Red Sox was also the last team in MLB to contract an African American on their team too. What a great fact to be known for!) 

    But I've been a fan from Yaz to Oil Can, to Mo to Papi - and guess what? I own a Pink Red Sox Cap... Bought it in the Summer of 2004 just before the Nomar trade that shocked the Nation. I consider it my good luck cap. As I see it, ironically, we didn't win until those caps started to show up in the stands.

    Pink has become a woman's "rally" color. Anyone who has to focus on the pink cap and gets angry about it, probably has an issue with women. Seriously! Who would want a partner who berates you over the color of your Red Sox cap? So ladies, take it as a sign - if you're dating a guy who gets angry at you for wearing your pink cap, walk - no run - away as quickly as you can. Obviously, this person will probably put you down over other things... It's all about him and his needs.
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    Your thoughts on pink hats

    Highest Payroll to ever win a World Series[/Quote]

    2004 Yankees highest payroll in baseball, and di not win the world series.
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    Your thoughts on pink hats

    The issue I have with Pink Hats and other women/girls at Fenway is listening to them chair on certain players becuase they are 'Hot' or 'Cute'.  The screams of 'JACOPBYYYY' really turn my stomach. This is not a rock concert but a sporting event. Learn the game and have something more intelligient to say when you go to Fenway.
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    Your thoughts on pink hats

    [Quote]I hate pink hats.  Where were they in 2000 when the team wasn't good?  I can't wait until the Sox start losing so the pink hats go away.[/Quote]
    What a fraud!! 
    First, the Sox were 10 games over .500 in 2000 with several of the players who would go on to become champions. We haven't been truly bad since 1997.
    Second, give me a pink hat any day over a guy who could utter the phrase "I can't wait until the Sox start losing."
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    Your thoughts on pink hats

    It is pure arrogance to tell other people HOW or WHEN or WHY they should be a fan and support their team. I don't like Pink hats simply because I don't like pink. (My red Red Sox hat is so old and faded it's almost pink but that's beside the point.) And I used to get a little irritated with the pink had syndrome, but I matured, and now I let other people support the team however they like. The revenues are the same, and I can't assume they're worse fans than I am because of their clothing choice.

    If some girl becomes a Sox fan at 18 because she moves here to go to college and gets the fever, I have no issue with that. Just because she didn't grow up watching and living the pain since birth doesn't make her less of a fan than I am (I am female, fan since 1975, thanks to Fred Lynn stealing my heart when I was 9 years old). it started with a school girl crush, and it blossomed into an appreciation of the game, the team, and the culture of baseball. I am now a season ticket holder since 2000- not because I jumped a bandwagon, but that was the first year of my life that I could AFFORD it. If I had been able to afford the tickets earlier, I would have had them in the 80's when I came here to go to college.

    The truth is, you can't watch NESN broadcasts with Remy and Orsillo without learning something new every day about the game and the team. Let people pick it up whenever, however they do. If they're real fans, they'll stick with it and learn. If not, why is it anyone's problem but theirs? 
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    Your thoughts on pink hats

    [Quote]I am Red Sox fan, I am a Celtics fan, and most of all I am a Patriots fan.

    And guess what - I only moved to Boston 4 months ago. Now you can go and shout obscenities, call me band wagon and not a true fan and all that you want cause you base your assumption on the above information.

    Now, that you done with all that let me tell you one thing. I started playing basketball at school in the mid eighties. NBA was easily accessible from where I was living so all you could do pick a team form the newspapers and follow it - there weren't even teams on TV let alone the internet. I chose the celtics, and stuck with it.
    I also started playing football in college in the early nineties. We had US players, NFL was sometimes on TV and again I chose the patriots. Just like that. I stuck with them.

    As for the Red Sox, I flirted with baseball in college but never warmed up to it, only later I learned to like it, after a visit to Anaheim and watching a game. The things that attracted me to Boston was the whole curse story.

    Overall no real reasons to start an affiliation with a team, but then again those were my reasons and I started to root for these teams.

    So go and take your views and assumptions and your I-hate-pink-hats attitude and do whatever you want.

    For all your definitions I am bandwagon fan - let me tell you, websites and staying up until 5 in the morning to watch games, that's all I had. So call me a bandwagon fan, I do not care. period.

    As far as I am concerned all those long suffering pink hating hardcore fans, and especially those who can't tolerate fans from other sports team, SHOULD BE BANNED FROM GOING TO FENWAY.... cause they have no idea what sports and sportsmanship is all about.

    My daughter wears a pink hat!

    me finished.[/Quote]

    See, I'm sorry, it's this mentality that I just don't get and it truly drives me crazy. I was born and raised in Boston and couldn't even for a second fathom supporting any other team outside of New England. It's like when you are in school, College or otherwise,  and you root for the school's biggest rival because hey, they have the better team. It blows my mind. Unfortunately front running fans are annoying to me because I have been here through thick and thin with these teams and when one gains success all of a sudden people jump on the bandwagon and squeeze out those who have been there all along. It truly amazes me how people only will associate themselves with a winner. It's disgusting. So when the Sox eventually realize some down time, I'll be at Fenway whereas you band wagon jumpers will move on to the next conveniently successful team but you'll proclaim that you have been a fan all along. No pride or loyalty... not a good way to be in my opinion.
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    Your thoughts on pink hats

    [Quote]The issue I have with Pink Hats and other women/girls at Fenway is listening to them chair on certain players becuase they are 'Hot' or 'Cute'.  The screams of 'JACOPBYYYY' really turn my stomach. This is not a rock concert but a sporting event. Learn the game and have something more intelligient to say when you go to Fenway.[/Quote]

    So they can't develop an appreciation for the sport and the team just because that's their "in"? Whatever brings them to the park, and puts them in front of the tube for the games, it's hard not to learn and develop knowledge from seeing more baseball, and watching the NESN broadcasts. Let them get started because a player is "cute" and if they have half a brain they'll expand their horizons to appreciate the beauty of the game. Whatever sparks the interest, I'm sure with more viewing, and maturity, they'll eventually "get it."
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    Your thoughts on pink hats

    Here's the problem I see: there's a couple different issues at stake here. One is the so-called bandwagon fans that jumped aboard sometime between 2003-2004. Now, I admit to getting annoyed when someone proclaims to love the Sox and then, male or female, cannot name the starting nine. But, fair's fair, and if this is the price we pay for having such an excellent team, so be it. We can just sit back and silently mock them when they wonder why no one wears No. 9 on the Sox anymore.

    Now, mixed in with this problem is the resentment that a lot of older (at least in fandom years) fans feel.  I'll admit to being too young to rememer cheap seats at Fenway so perhaps this hasn't hit me as hard (I attended my first Sox game in utero during the 1986 season). But I suspect this has more to do with good business practices that newbie fans. I mean, we love our Fenway but it's the smallest ballpark.  I wish I could afford tickets but I don't take it out on the so-called pink hatters.

    Lastly, there is some level of sexism mixed in. As a sport fan that happens to be female, no one watching a game with me would ever  mistake me for anything other than a true fanatic. Personally, I hate the pink hats and would never wear one but nor would I wear a green or baby blue hat.  Don't fall into making assumptions about whether people are fans based on the color of their hat.

    That said, feel free to mock away if they only can name the "hottest" players or  feel that true Sox fandom simply requires a drunken frat boy "Yankees Suck!" chant.
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    Your thoughts on pink hats

    [Quote]A beef from the long suffering Sox fans about the newcomers wearing pink? Please!!!!!! As an early 1960's fan I could care less about the attire and welcome new fans. It is much more disconcerning when the ownership is auctioning off monster seats to the highest bidder to continue to line their pockets. Now that's a scandal.[/Quote]

    Right it's scandalist to auction off seats for charity. WOW! The nerve of those guys! I hate giving to charity too so I'm with ya! Let's start a boycott!!
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    Your thoughts on pink hats

    [Quote]Hey, Jacques,  WHo the heck do you think you are, that you get to determine who is a 'real' sox fan and who is not?  Sounds to me like you have an oversized sense of self-importance, probably to make up for being undersized elsewhere in your anatomy.  Get a life, you loser.  What a sick joke you are.[/Quote]

    Sounds as if you're not confident with your recently discovered "love" for the Red Sox.  Only someone that is preoccupied with another males anatomy would completely miss the fact the Sox are only only carrying 11 pitchers.  With 5 starters that leaves only 6 pitchers in the bullpen. Any half-ass fan should know  that much about their team.  I wasn't asking for Cash's  lefty/righty BA splits, merely for someone to call me out on the "7 memebers of the bullpen" statement.  45 minutes later, and no responses.  You must be on a different thread either bashing Tek or Crisps inconsistencies at the plate, or trying to extricate your foot from your mouth now that Manny ( There's 2 Manny's on this team?) is looking like the force he was for the bullpen in '07, and Drew ( The $70 million bust) is giving pitchers nightmares.  
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    Your thoughts on pink hats

    I live in this town for 23 years; while I love Boston I can not help but to crinch when I read such unwelcoming and petty comments published your paper about sports. I believe true Boston Red sox fans are better than anyone who focuses on "hating" something as trivial as pink hats, sooo what!!!!
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    Your thoughts on pink hats

    What's the big issue with the pink hats?   I'm glad to live in a town where the girls love our sports teams so that we can watch games together rather than having to choose between them. 
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    Your thoughts on pink hats

    There are a lot of fans out there that need to practice better tolerance. Whether it's someone wearing a hat or jersey for the opposing team or someone wearing a pink, light blue, green, camoflage, or other specialty hat, that someone does not deserve to be verbally or physically abused, or banned from fenway. They are out there supporting their team and trying to have fun. Those "real" fans that promote and/or engage in this sort of negative activity are the real problem. Grow up.

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    Your thoughts on pink hats

    [Quote]Take off your green hat and shut up! Boston as a city has gotten better. Southie and Charlestown were sewers where scumbags lived. You want to return to those days? The locals back then didnt know how to run a city, so they shouldnt have a say on what hat to wear to a game. YOU SIR, ARE A TRUE BOSTON IDIOT!

    Listen Moron.  I didn't say Boston was better back then, I was simply illustrating the changes that have occured.   Most native populations are resistant to change. 

    People want to understand the animosity toward Pink hats?   

    I was trying to get the point accross that the animosity is less about the color of your hat and more about the loss of the old neighborhood, the old diner that is now a shushi bar.   

    I'm not against progress.  I like sushi.  

    You my friend, represent what the locals and old neighborhoods don't like.     You feel as though the old school ways of boston are stupid or ignorant.  

    The old neighborhoods had their troubles, but they are also one of the only pockets of blue colar, middle class people who managed to maintain their culture.   They kept their nieghborhoods because they fought for them.  

    They couldn't hold out forever.    They finally lost to their fate.

    They did however, have their own parking spots outside their own homes.  They had no morgages.  They have pensions.  They lived pretty well.   Maybe if you spent a little time learning from others instead of thinking you know everything,  you might learn something about self preservation.

    Personally, I feel that if you're wearing a pink had to need to be 12 years old or younger.   Any grown woman wearing a pink had might as well wear a sign on their back that they're not a real fan.   Expect to get met with animosity.   Real fans will blame you for high ticket prices.  They will blame you for high parking prices.   They will get mad when they hear you ask your husband what just happened.
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    Your thoughts on pink hats

    I must admit, I don't like pink and I am a woman.  I think the hats are silly...Why  can't you  wear the team colors?  The team colors are  representative of the team you are rooting for! I find it selfish to wear your own colors. You can dress up like barbie and my little pony in your other free time.

    However, it is a free country  and folks  have the right to  wear what they want...
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    Your thoughts on pink hats

    [Quote]To me, the fact that two girls in pink hats left Fenway right after "Sweet Caroline", while Lester was throwing his no-hitter, is 2000's  Red Sox fans in a nutshell.[/Quote]

    BINGO!  Those two that the poster refers to is who people that use the term "pink hat" in a derogatory fashion are referring to.  The mindset, not what color the hat is.  Even down in Baltimore at the 500th Homer Game, one the the loudest reactions from Sox fans all night was when the O's promotion staff put a "treat for Sox fans - Sweet Caroline" joke on the screen.  The mindset that signing that song is more important than the game is what people get pissed off at.  That alternate color hats started selling left and right at the same time as the Let's Be Seen / Sweet Caroline mindset arrived has caused a lot of the commotion about this too, which is a big reason why there's so much confusion over what people are using "pink and green hat" to describe.

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    Your thoughts on pink hats

    It comes down to team colors. No pink in Red Sox color scheme. No green either. Same goes for camoflauge, brown, purple, yellow or any other colow that is not RED, WHITE, or BLUE.

    This goes for all teams. Team colors are team colors. Period.

    Are people so fashion-trendy or lame that they can't support their team in the team colors? "I love the Sox, but I think this pink hat is cuter" "I'm a huge sox fan and also a bad-ass camo-wearing xxxx" "I wear green Sox hats to celebrate the Irish part of Boston/the Celtics"

    All lame excuses. Lame marketing. Ownership greed.

    Just poor taste.
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    Your thoughts on pink hats

    I love the pink hats, the woman sized t-shirts and smaller waisted football shirts - they allow me to still be a girl while cheering for my favorite teams. 

    1-I love the pink sports wear look on the women.  They look cuter, and I see nothing wrong at all with that.

    2-The RS are only as strong as their fanbase is.  If the fanbase is increased because chicks feel they can wear pink and somehow be the female contingent of the RSN, this makes the RSN more powerful.  As I type, some 10 y.o. in Podunk is asking her parents for a pink cap because it looks cute.

    3-The RS are also only as strong as their cash flow.  The more pink caps and jerseys they sell, the better off we are.

    So it's good for the RS, the chicks look great, so I'm not seeing any issue.  To be honest, my daughter is a NYY fan, and I might get her a pink NYY cap next time I'm at YS.