Fun for all ages??

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    Fun for all ages??

    My sister and her 3 boys (14, 11 and 7) are coming to visit from Illinois next Thursday (the 17th) through Monday (the 21st).  I have 3 kids also - boy almost 17, and boy/girl twins who are 10.  I'd love some ideas for some relatively inexpensive places to visit/things to do, etc. We're already planning a Fenway Park tour and weather permitting, a beach trip, but would really appreciate any other ideas you have. Thanks so much.

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    Re: Fun for all ages??

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    I think the Boston Harbor Islands are one of the best kept secrets in town.  A short ferry ride from Boston takes you out to beaches, some old ruins, walking paths, historic sites and more.

    Pack some snacks, balls, kites, camera etc. and spend the day. No traffic, no crowds, just simple family fun.