Late-night dining spots?

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    Late-night dining spots?

    I'm amazed no one mentioned the Saugage guys in Faniel Hall or Lansdowne street. Limited to summer time, but always there to catch people coming out of the bars.
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    Late-night dining spots?

    Most of these places close at 1am, hardly late night by any stretch of the imagination since the clubs close at 2am!

    Still I have many fond memories of the Hi-Fi, Buzzy's, Pizza Pad, IHOP (burgers and pancakes on the same griddle, yum!), of course you cannot forget the Tastee!!

    Now its basically Chinatown, unless you want to wait in long lines with self-absorbed drunks.
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    Late-night dining spots?

    I can't believe no one mentioned Mondo's in Quincy Market. Closed for may years now, they moved him out when they were redoing the market and promised him he could move back after the renovations. Yeah, no way it is now the Durgin Park Bar. You could go to Mondo's any time for a breakfast special, 3 eggs, 5 -6 slices of bacon, home fries, toast, coffee & OJ for 99 cents. There would be lines starting at 1 AM and ending around 4 AM, people would be dressed in jeans and t-shirts or gowns & tuxes. Am I the only one who remembers this place?
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    Late-night dining spots?

    Montreal French Fries
    Hot Dogs, Burgers, Incredible Fries, Poutine, Wraps, Panini's & More...

    757 Center St. Route 106
    West Bridgewater

    Open Friday and Saturday nights until 2:30 AM!!

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    Late-night dining spots?

    Come to Sports Depot at 353 Cambridge Street, Allston for your late night munchies and always something happening late night; movies, trivia, dj, dancing, country, sports trivia, karaoke, and always sports! Check out our website at
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    Re: Late-night dining spots?

    You were drunk if you went to Buzzy's. After a night of drinking and having a few "tokes" everything taste good. If you went to Hi-Fi in Central Sq you better be able to fight. If I had $1 for every fight there was in Hi-Fi Pizza over the years I would be a rich man today.