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What are your favorite dance spots?

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    Re: What are your favorite dance spots?

    The monthly party Utopia Sundays at Machine 1256 Boylston St. (around the corner from Fenway Park) is a melting pot of Boston natives who enjoy a form of music that has a universal language..............HOUSE MUSIC.

    This is the ONLY night in the city of boston where people of ALL races, sexual orientations, political and religious beliefs are free to be themselves.

    The next event is this Sunday, September 6th (labor day weekend). This event is called the 13th Annual Boston Loft Reunion.

    The Boston Loft was the birthplace of alot of House Heads who are in the scene today. Some of us met our life long friends and future partners (wife/husband).

    For me it was a learning experience as a dj. Certain songs touched people in ways you wouldn't believe. People were crying because they were happy that you played a song that they liked. This sh*t meant alot to us.

    The Boston Loft classics are so special that I try not to play them at Utopia Sundays until the Boston Loft Reunion. I won't make a Boston Loft CD until I retire. So yall got 25 years to

    Seriously this is one of those nights where whatever problems you might be having doesn't matter because the music, the vibe and the people will make it all go away. Trust me I've witnessed it at every Boston Loft Reunion.

    Big up to the dj's that played at the Boston Loft:
    Armand Van Helden
    Cosmo Wyatt
    Eddie Cue
    Timmy Allen
    Francis Englehardt
    Richie Rich
    John (Horse) Mcmahon
    and tons of guest dj's from around the world.

    This Sunday, September 6th (Labor Day Weekend) what we're gonna do is go back in time to when Bill Clinton was in office, when you had a little bit more money in your pocket and when you went to the Boston felt free.

    Old School All Night w/ DJ BRUNO (one of the main residents of the Boston Loft)

    21+ (proper id is a must)


    $5 b4 10pm $10 after

    No Dress Code/Just Bring Your Dancing Shoes

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    Re: What are your favorite dance spots?

    For partner dancing, I like to swing dance at Boston Swing Central, you can find their schedule at on their frontpage.  They usually throw a dance most Friday nights in Cambridge. 

    They have a lesson right before the dance which starts at 8:00pm and some of the best swing bands and DJs.  Occasionally they have some special nights which are over-the-top fun where they do something unique like last Halloween they taught the line dance from Thriller.   It's a great atmosphere for learning to swing dance, as people are very friendly and welcoming of beginning dancers.
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    Re: What are your favorite dance spots?

    Luciano's Lounge in Wrentham.  Smalll, intimate dance floor, fabulous atmosphere, great food, if you're hungry.  Fridays and Saturdays after 8.  A bit of swing classic music and ballads.
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    Re: What are your favorite dance spots?

    Ken's Steakhouse in Framingham, Thursdays and Fridays.  One of the best singers with pre-recorded music background.  Sings in his own style, not the original artist.  Small dance floor, comfortable setting, good food.  Closes at 11.
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    Re: What are your favorite dance spots?

    Moseley's Ballroom, Dedham

    Wednesday -- Group ballroom lesson included with dance admission ($12.00) at 7pm.  Ballroom dancing begins at 8.  One of the best floors for lots of space to move and practice.

    Friday  (Call for schedule.  Not every Friday)   Singles dance that offers ballroom music interspersed with top 40's.  Large, hardwood dance floor makes for uncrowded fun.
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    Re: What are your favorite dance spots?

    Basstown's "Make It New" weekly Thursday at Middlesex Lounge is the place for the latest and most cutting-edge DJ talent from Europe and elsewhere:

    5 years running. Techno and house music. Isolee, Marcel Dettman, etc. Tomorrow they host Detroit techno legend Dan Bell and next week, May 27th, Michael Mayer of Koln and Kompakt records! Mayer's "Immer" DJ mix CD was recently voted #1 DJ Mix of the entire 00s Decade by Resident Advisor:

    Basstown also holds events at Good Life and elsewhere. Good Life downtown is a must-visit for any area dance and hip-hop fan!

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    Re: What are your favorite dance spots?

    I'm disappointed that all or most of these listings are night clubs, and not really any or many swing, salsa, ballroom, tango, folk, or contra events are listed.

    There is a swing dance community in Boston of several hundred dancers.  I'm out dancing at least 3 or 4 times a week.  I've done all kinds of dancing and started doing Swing dancing (specifically Lindy Hop) 2 years ago and it is by FAR the most fun, and the people are really wonderful.  On Friday nights, and some Saturdays there will be well over 100 or 200 dancers on the floor with music by live bands.  DJ nights are really fun too.  Check out these places:

    Friday Nights and Tuesday Nights every week: 
    Boston Swing Central (Sullivan Sq, Charlestown):  They used to be in Cambridge, but have now moved to Charlestown in a cool new Studio in an old mill Building.  It has 3000 Square feet of dance floor, plenty of parking, and AC!  It's got 4.5 stars on yelp and was Best of Boston Phoenix in 2009.  They also offer lessons on Tuesdays and before Fridays (Friday is included in dance admission).  Check out the pictures and their website for weekly events and lesson information.

    Saturday Nights Once Per Month:
    These are all great dances too and I go there reguarly.
    Blues Cafe (Medford):
    Hop to the Beat (Brookline):
    Boston Swing Dance: (Watertown)

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    Re: What are your favorite dance spots?

    For those who know what a tea dance is (a GLBT dance event - not to be confused with the Tea Party)..... and love disco, retro and top 40 dance remixes, check out the Back2Basics Tea Dance event held on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month at Verve Lounge, 811 Massacusetts Ave (at Melnea Cass Blvd-in the Hampton Inn hotel complex). Its part of Rudi's Resto Cafe. DJ Harrison will have you on grooving on the dance floor in no time with songs you know by heart from the 80s and 90s. Its great if you want to re-live and remember the great old days when Disco was King. It's from 4-8pm. Next tea dance is Sunday, Aug. 22. (There is not a tea dance today, Aug. 8--summer break). Parking available on site in the garage behind the hotel. Take your parking ticket to the dance for validation.
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    "HEROES" at TT the Bear's in Cambridge, MA

    My favorite spot to dance is "HEROES" at TT the Bear's in Cambridge.  This dance night was voted "Best Dance Night - Retro" in the Boston Phoenix Best Of Poll for 2010.  This night ruled while it was at Manray, but when Manray closed it made its new home at TT the Bear’s just across the street from where Manray used to be, and its just as awesome!

     DJ Chris Ewen still spins the 80’s, New Wave, Electro, Punk, and a little Goth/Industrial to keep the crowd oh so very happy!  Terri, who was the head bartender at Manray, now pours the drinks in the Lounge area at TT’s for this event! There are so many CD release parties and so many ticket giveaways at this night, I can’t keep track!  I know this Saturday, August 28th they’re giving away tickets to see BLONDIE at the House of Blues on Sunday, Sept. 12th! 

    TT the Bear’s is located at 10 Brookline Street, Cambridge, MA (Central Sq.). This night is 18+ and the cover is only $7.  Doors 9p – 2a.  It’s just a huge awesome dance party every time! (

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    Re: What are your favorite dance spots?

    If you love to dance, but you tire of the meat-market drunken club scene, consider checking out Dance Freedom and Dance Friday.

    Community and volunteer run for 42 and 32 years, respectively. Both have presence on Facebook, and websites (but web not always updated regularly).
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    Re: What are your favorite dance spots?

    Can't believe you guys missed Tuesday Night's THROWED Indie/Electro Dance Party with DJ E-Marce at the Middle East!
    SO GOOD!!/throwedboston?v=info&ref=ts
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    Re: What are your favorite dance spots?

    Throwed is for teenagers.  Ken's Steak House in Framingham? Hah!

    Heroes at TT's on Saturdays, on the other hand, is a great time.  Don't bother going if you're not open-minded though - the crowd is a mix of styles, ages and sexual preferences.
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    Re: What are your favorite dance spots?

    Vincents in Randolph used to be the spot 15 years ago on Saturday nights. I don't know what it is like anymore.
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    Re: What are your favorite dance spots?

    "One o'clock, two o'clock . . . "

    If Bill Haley lived in Boston, he would have written a very short song . . . 
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    Re: What are your favorite dance spots?

    I have recently started using this new site, , great way to find the nightly specials, live tunes, dance party etc. Its great cause its always changing and lets me know about some locations that i otherwise might not have heard about. Its a live, real-time feed of things going on right now, around you. Check it out i think youl like it!!!
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    Re: What are your favorite dance spots?

    Royale Nightclub is one of the hottest places in Boston right now. 

    With DJ's from all over the world such as: Paul Van Dyk, 3 nights of Tiesto, Aoki, David Guetta, Armin van Buuren, Fedde Le Grand, and coming at the end of June, Laidback Luke.

    No other Venue has this much going on, and such a great staff. Just went there for my birthday at the Guetta show and had the best celebration ever. Had a VIP table in the balcony and it was a flawless night. 

    Can't wait for another occasion to go back and dance around with the Bear! (Yeah, that's right! They have a Bear as their mascot that runs around and party's with everyone all night!)

    If you are coming to Boston to party, you NEED to put this on you'r list!

    (617) 733-0505 for direct assistance!