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Where should we go next?

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    Where should we go next? is shooting photos at all the best club and bar nights around the city.

    Where should we visit next? Is there a particular dance night or DJ at your favorite club? Is trivia at your neighborhood pub a weekly event? Why should we check it out?
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    Where should we go next?

    You should check out the mix cd release party for Underground Boston featuring Bostons House Music Artists & Producers. That same night we are officially launching at Utopia Sundays which is a weekly deep house night at An Tua Nua (835 Beacon St. near Kenmore Sq.). This takes place on Sunday, May 25th (Memorial Day Weekend). For more info go to or call 857-891-1960...SEE� YOU THERE!

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    Where should we go next?

    you should check out PA's lounge on friday may 9th - Band in Boston Podcast presents a night of great music - drug rug, george lewis jr,� carter tanton form tulsa, marc pinansky from township, tony the bookie and his orchestra, chris warren from viva viva - are all coming together for a show to benefit organ donation awareness - proceeds are going� to the patient run organization - the kidney/transplant dialysis association� -� 10 bucks at the door!� starts early - 8:30 PM!!

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    Where should we go next?

    You should check out DJ Garabed at the Midle East in Cambridge every Sunday - he is fierce! :)
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    Where should we go next?

    you guys should have been at Beehive last night. 15 piece Brazilian drum band, had the place rollicking. Carnival girls in full on peacock costumes.

    Eclectic, fun, and cool - would be a better option than old Dicks :) (in my opinion).
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    Re: Where should we go next?

    Trivia at Atwood's on Wednesdays at 7. Sugar Dish (aka Quizmaster Vanessa) from burlesque troupe Babes in Boinkland and organizer of the Slutcracker is usually in costume to go along with the theme of the quiz that night and the place is always packed.
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    Re: Where should we go next?

    November 21st 2009

    Boston's monthly Afro-diasporic dancefloor explosion!
    At AllAsia Bar- 344 Mass Ave- Cambridge, from 9PM -1AM

    Uhuru Afrika with your Modern Day Griots:
    ADAM GIBBONS (Uhuru Afrika / Fela Lives)
    MAX PELA (Afrobeta Bodega / Uhuru Afrika)
    SIDY MAIGA : Malian Master Percussionist

    Last month we gathered and danced and celebrated the late, great FELA ANIKULAO KUTI during the month of his birth under the name 'Fela Lives' to a packed house in 3 Cities! We thank you for your support and love that helped make that happen. We are appreciative and humbled. This month we take it back home and the resident selectors get to spread their wings with a full night to explore the depth of music rooted in the continent of Afrika with you. We have some wonderful things in store for you in what is left of this year!

    On December 12th, Uhuru Afrika celebrates it's One Year Anniversary!!!
    This party we will be honoring World AIDS Day and 100% of the profits will be donated to NextAid ( and the amazing grassroots AIDS work they are doing in Afrika.

    On December 31st, Uhuru Afrika will celebrate New Year's Eve!
    For this very special event, we will be extending the hours to be 8pm-3am!
    We can't wait to be with you as we give thanks and welcome the new year!

    Much Love to Fusicology, Salmagundi and Hempest!

    10% of Uhuru Afrika's profit's go to benefit children orphaned by AIDS in Africa through the grassroots efforts of NextAid.

    Uhuru Afrika is experienced on an HHPETE Soundsystem
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    Re: Where should we go next?

    Party People - FRIDAY you should also check out...

    The monthly installment of UNITY on Friday, Nov 20th. Sharing some great new house tracks and experiencing positive vibes and amazing dance moves all night.

    Resident DJs Enrique Florendo and Francesco Spagna serving you house music in the soulful/latin/vocal/disco/deep genres from 10 pm til 2.

    The Good Life is at 28 Kingston St, Boston

    No List Sealed- No Cover Money mouth- No Dress Code Cool- No AttitudeYell - Just SmilesLaughing
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    Re: Where should we go next?

    Greetings Earthlings and Myrthlings,

    Time-traveller/Party Hopper VICE V'ERSATILE here and have I got a tip for you culture vultures. The 2nd Monday of each month I preside over PERSONAE, an intergalactical-musical-magical experience that ponders and probes the human experience....with sequins, feathers, pasties...and tight pants. Tune in on February 8 for 'VICE V'ERSATILE'S LOVE OLYMPIAD,' complete with an over-the-top opening ceremony to set all your torch's ablaze. This all goes down on Monday!! February 8 at Jacques' 'World Famous' Cabaret on Boston's longest-running runway....
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    Re: Where should we go next?

    There's a night of downtempo beats and chilled dance vibes debuting at Enormous Room in Cambridge this Tuesday (Jan 19).  Well worth checking out.  It's being put on by the Downbeatscape blog and downtempo music site Properly Chilled.  The DJs are Erok (Boston) and myself, Properly Chilled (NY), aka Brandon.  Look for a live drummer to be there too.

    There is no cover, it's 21+ and goes from 9:30-1am.

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    Where should you go next? FOXY 2010!!!

    If you are looking to take snapshots of some happening nightlife in the coming week, might I suggest FOXY, on Sunday, Jan 17th, at Zuzu! in Cambridge.  DJs Joseph Colbourne, James Cerne, and Nathanael Bluhm throw down hot underground disco and funk (a sound that is quickly developing a huge buzz in Boston).  At FOXY, you can be yourself, be flirty, be confident.  There is no cover, and the night from 10pm-1am. 

    You should really check out this night because it is at the forefront of gay- and queer-themed nights in the Boston area that offer a refreshing alternative to the mainstream gay club scene.  With the Monday holiday, this weekend's party should be a real banger.

    Check out Colbourne's podcast, which gives you a feel of the FOXY sound:


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    Re: Where should we go next?

    I found this new website - - that gives you realtime updates from various boston bars (ie how long the lines is, how busy the dance floor is...)

    its pretty useful, crazy no-one has done this before...
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    Re: Where should we go next?

    Sail Loft - bros and bras rage during the summer time on the water - thursday nights are prime
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    Re: Where should we go next?

    LEGACY at the Model Cafe is essential. Happens the second Wednesday of every month. The d.j. there, Sterling Golden, spins music of every type of genre, from all periods of recorded music history. You'll hear tracks dating back as far as 1860 (!!!), to 2010. He also spins a lot of music from local artists on the rise, great spot for checking out new music from that hot local band your girlfriend's always gushing on.

    Re: your Silent Disco coverage: Sterling's doing a special LEGACY dance night with the Silent Disco crew on 6/9 at the Model. 1st time the Model's ever had a silent disco night so it should be VERRRY interesting. so yeah come out on the 2nd Wed. of any month and check out the LEGACY night there, best dance night in Allston.