Your favorite comedy club?

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    Your favorite comedy club?

    Love stand-up? Are you an improv fan? We put together a roundup of comedy spots in the Boston area. What's your favorite place to have a laugh?
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    Re: Your favorite comedy club?

    In Response to Your favorite comedy club?:
    You forgot us!  Kitsch In Sync.  We have a show coming up on Feb 11th in Brookline at 32 Station Street.
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    The Best Comedy in Boston is THE BIG SAUCE RADIO SHOW!

    Easy to find, listen and dowload - hear Boston's best and funniest comics right here: and check out the fan page on Facebook
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    Doubled Over @ Donohue's

    Looking to see how the pros got their start? Check out a small room with a lot of punch. There is a great Open Mike night at Donohue's in Watertown, MA with your host Todd Symonds and Company  (2011 Fall Tour) it's a great venue and surprisingly a fantastic lineup.  It is scheduled every other Monday Night, the last one was 10/24 and it starts about 8:00P; so if  you think you have the talent, get there early have a couple of minutes RTG and you might find out that your are funnier tha
    n you think.... -th

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