3 day trip to Boston!! Suggestions please?

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    3 day trip to Boston!! Suggestions please?

    This is what I've got so far
    Monday... flight gets in 3pm, hotel business brings about 5pm, dinner time.  Wheres a good first impression? Wholesome awesome Boston food experience?
    Then, I plan on checking out Wally's in South End, but I'd like to have something to do in between dinner and Wally's. I hear the brookstones in south end make for a good walk? Anything better to take up that time?

    Tuesday AM... Heading over to Cambridge. Not so sure as to what we're going to do there, but thats the setting. Whats good to see there?  Brunch at Brookline Lunch looked pretty good. Then I'd like to go to Arnold Arboretum, cause I love trees.  Then Sameul Adams tour of the brewery, cause I love beer. Later that night we've got Sox tickets! Not so sure what to do after brewery and before game? Dinner would be good. Any good places near fenway? Or on the way there from Jamaca Plain?  Post-game, any suggestions on pubs?

    Wednesday... Flight leaves at 4PM this day.  Havent really got in any downtown sights.  Which are musts? Also would love to see a great park. Suggestions?

    This trip is with a freakin awesome friend of mine whose just graduated college. I want to show him an amazingly fun time! But I've never been here so I need your help.  We're not much on the "It" places, experiencing Boston in the raw is what we're looking for.

    Thanks for any input

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    Re: 3 day trip to Boston!! Suggestions please?

    For dinner in Boston I would suggest The Union Oyster House in Faniuel Hall. It is the oldest running restaurant in America, and has great seafood, go for some old fashioned clam chowder!

    Do you have a car? If not, make sure you know how to use the T, it can be confusing, and if you are lost, make sure to ask someone! Actually driving in Boston is a pain...how are you getting to the Arnold Arboretum?

    If you are going to Cambridge, I would suggest walking around Harvard Sq. It is a little funky but it's a must see. Some tourist may find it crowded and overwhelming. But Harvard Univ is right there. Also, you can cross over Memorial Drive and walk on the Charles River with a fantastic view of Boston, which is really nice.

    I can honestly say I don't know what Wally's is and I was born and raised here, LOL! I have never been to the brewery, but that could be fun. The Sox game will be awesome. After the game, head to a bar around the ballpark. Lots of fans out, and just a good time over all. Bars are open till 2am. Some have cover charges of $5.

    Before you leave on Wednesday, try to check out The Boston Common and the Gardens, where the Swan Boats are, if you have time. The state house is right there too, great photo ops.

    Honestly there is SO much to do in Boston. The North End (where all the great Italian restaurants are) is great to walk around at night as well, and there are so fantastic places to eat! Chinatown has some great restaurants as well.