Cheap date suggestions?

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    Cheap date suggestions?

    We've rounded up a series of suggestions for where to go on a date when you're trying to keep costs low.  We'd love to hear your suggestions and ideas using the forum below!
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    Re: Cheap date suggestions?

    The list is meh...

    I am usually a very cheap date. I try to live by the motto "the best things in life are free".

    My #1 favorite date?  A walk on the beach..preferably at sunrise or sunset.

    My #2 favorite date? A hike along the Pemiggewasset river.

    My #3 favorite date? A day in the North End...something that can be done very inexpensively...lunch at my favorite North End restaurant, a visit to Bova bakery....walking along the water.

    Sadly I've never met someone of the opposite sex who I would have dated..who also enjoys horseback riding. I still have to reserve that for myself and my riding friends.

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