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     Alright, who else on this forum attends conventions? I run the game room for one and can usually be found in the game rooms of most others.
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    Re: Conventions

     Anyone else attending Pax East this weekend?
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    Re: Conventions

     An interesting situation happening next year.

     Both Pax East and AnimeBoston are running on the same weekend, and it just happens to be Easter weekend.
     Book hotel space early, if you can. Normally the hotels complain about not having any business on that weekend, but in 2012, room space will be at a premium.

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    Re: Conventions

     With November being just a few months away, what would you do if I told you Hollwyood would be stopping in Framingham that month?

     There is one media convention that takes place that focuses on tv/movie/music celebrities. It's called Boston Super Megafest.

     The current line-up according to their website is:

    Patrick Stewart
    Sean Astin
    Anthony Michael Hall
    Tia Carrere

    Jeremy Bulloch

     Don't forget your checkbook. It's not expensive to get into the convention, but Stewart's autograph is expensive, and I imagine Astin's autograph will also be in the high price range.
     This is just the initial lineup. They tend to get a bunch of celebrities including models, wrestlers, artists, musicians, actors and actresses. Past guests have included Billy Dee Williams, Anthony Daniels, Janice Dewitt, and Adrean Barbou.

     If you want to find out more about conventions happening here in MA and in the northeast sector of the US, head to my yahoo group called GCIACST. I make a monthly post of all the conventions going on in that includes info on their guests of honor (if any) and basic info on activities and events taking place there.
     If you join, you get access to the calendar, which has all the conventions listed on it.

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    Re: Conventions

     Convention season is almost upon us here in MA. Starting in January, conventions run all over the state in quick succession until Easter weekend, when Boston will get its own version of Revenge of the Nerds as Pax East and AnimeBoston will both be running at the same time on that weekend.

     The next one, however, is in January. It's called Arisia. Small to mid-size sci-fi convention. More books than media, however.
     Lots of other stuff going on, though, like anime, games, parties, workshops and discussion panels. 
     It's at the Westin Waterfront in Boston, January 13 - 16. You can buy passes for the day or the weekend.
     Yours truly is running the board/card game department of the convention, so stop in and say hi (gaming is in Harbor II on the left side of the hotel).
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    Re: Conventions

     February in Boston is a gamer's paradise.

     Started with Unitygames last Saturday. A one-day gaming con that deals primarily with the Eurogame crowd (Catan, Dominion, Power Grid, Agricola, etc.).

     Templecon was also last weekend. That one is in RI and it deals primarily with tabletop miniature gaming (Warhammer 40K).

     Boskone is the 17th - 19th and it's right here in Boston. An old-school SF con, if you're into writing then you don't want to miss this one as there are many discussion panels dealing with various aspects of writing.
     As for the gaming, I, once again, am managing the game room, and there is a major change this year. In addition to the normal board game tournament on Saturday, there's a 1K Magic tournament on Sunday (and it'll be featuring a brand new deck that will be released the Wednesday before the convention).

     Totalcon is the 23rd - 26th and it's in Mansfield. A gaming con featuring board, card, miniatures, RPGs, LARPs, and video games. The important thing about this one is all the tournaments. Each category of game has its own set of tournaments, and if you're into the board games, look for the games repeating on the schedule. Those are regional tournament heats leading to the final on Sunday.

     Next month contains a shining gem of a convention that's been hiding quietly. It's called Vericon and it's in Harvard Yard. A nice 'everything' convention with the best consuite of them all.

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    Re: Conventions

     Time to bring up Vericon again. March 16 - 18 at Sever Hall in Harvard Yard. A small 'everything' convention, this has panels, board/card games, video games, RPGs, LARPs, trivia contests (anime), an art show, workshops, and what is arguably the best consuite of all the local conventions that have a consuite. It's also the cheapest.
     The guest list offers a few surprises this year. The most popular would be R.L. Stein of Goosebumps fame. Another surprise is a lesser known name but for comic book fans it's a must: Tom Sniegoski, the guy who brought back Vampirella in the 90's and created what was arguably (at the time) the second most popular villian who was called Hemorrage.
     There is a board game tournament you can enter. There is an art show with world-class artwork inside it. There is the highly popular MST3K on Sunday. Workshops on writing or art work are usually there, an anime room, possibly an anime trivia contest, and much more. Lots of fun for everyone.

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    Re: Conventions

     Easter is just under a month away, and that means two conventions are coming up that, together, have earned the nickname 'Revenge of the Nerds', for the town of Boston shall be full of them that weekend. Why?

     Two conventions running that weekend:

     Pax East is at the BCEC. This is the convention that the news called 'that huge video game convention', although that really doesn't describe it at all. Yes, video games are a big part of Pax East, but it covers all forms of gaming, with board, card, Tabletop Miniatures, CCG, RPG, LARP, and video games, not to mention tournaments. It also has a schedule of panels and concerts you can attend. Also, the other two big draws for this con:
     1. A huge exhibit hall filled with the latest and greatest video games that you can try out. Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and many individual companies all set up there and you can get your hands on anything if you're willing to wait in line for the chance.
     2. FunStop sets up shop at this convention. Funstop is in NH and they have a working arcade museum on the third floor. It's filled with all the old arcade games you played as a kid (if you're around 40 - 45 years old). They pack some up and set up shop right there in the BCEC. All games are free to play and it's exactly the way you remember it (no lights except for the games, the music is loud and it only plays songs from 1980 - 1984). To give you an idea of what this is, here's a partial list of what was there last year:
     Wizard of Id
     Dragon's Lair
     Buck Rogers
     Space Ace
     Jail Break
     And many more.
     Now, really, when was the last time you saw a Wizard of Id game (in working condition)?
     Alas, if you wanted to get into Pax East, that's getting rather hard to do. 3-day passes are gone as of mid-January. As far as I can tell, you can still buy 1-day passes but buying a pass for each day almost doubles the price to get in.

     The second convention running on Easter weekend is:

     AnimeBoston. Boston's huge anime con will be at the Hynes and is also using space in the Sheraton. Yes, it's an anime con, but where it's one of the largest anime cons, it also has a lot of activities that aren't directly dealing with anime.
     EX: if you're a gamer and can't get into Pax East, no need to worry. AB has the bases covered via:
     1. The guy running gaming for AB is the same guy that runs gaming for Connecticon. Take it from me, this guy knows what he's doing. Expect a library of games you can check out as well as a full schedule of demos.
     2. AB is pulling out all the stops with 10, yes, I said 10, game shows. Take it from someone who's not only a fan but was a contestant in one of the more infamous game shows back in 2007, these are highly entertaining and the crowd gets involved. Do attend these if you have the time.
     Unlike Pax East, AB has not sold out of 3-day passes, so you should have no trouble getting into this one.
     And this is on top of the normal activities (panels, anime, a massive dealer's room, an art show and alley, dances, concerts, and the ever popular AMV contest). 

     In either case, as you can see, on Easter weekend, all the geeks (and I say that proudly) will invade Boston. Join the party.