The Center for Asian Martial Arts teaches internal and external martial arts to all ability and age levels six days per week. Our highly qualified Instructors will help you reach your goals both mentally and physically through traditional martial arts.

Martial Arts Taught:

Kung Fu – Movements are circular and smooth, and originated from the observation of animals and elements in nature.

Tai Chi – An internal form that can increase the oxygen intake into the bloodstream improving circulation, stamina, and endurance.

Bagua Zhang – Bagua enables the body to move like a coiled spring, developing flexibility, strength, and power.

Ship Pal Gye (18 Weapons) – Weapon practice can develop an individual faster than empty hand training alone, as it increases the Practitioner’s focus and concentration.

Kom Do (Samurai Sword) – Can be practiced with a metal, wooden, or bamboo blade. Movements are straight and direct, moving from one point to another.

Kong Su Do (Tae Kwon Do) – Hard-style, linear movements that build external strength.

Aikido/Hapkido – Close range self-defense using joint

Yudo (Judo/Jujitsu) – Yudo involves learning how to roll, fall without injury, and use your opponent’s energy against them during self-defense.

The Center for Asian Martial Arts has moved into its new West Roxbury location on 75 Spring Street in the Shaw’s Supermarket Plaza.

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