The Center for Asian Martial Arts, of West Roxbury, would like to welcome you to our School by giving you one free introductory martial arts class in any of our adult or child programs. 


Our highly qualified Instructors will help you achieve your goals and guide you through the world of traditional martial arts training.  Our martial art programs focus on improving all aspects of one’s health, both mentally and physically, as well as learning self-defense.  Self-defense practice is conducted in a safe, controlled environment which enables students to defend themselves against any threat of aggression.  


The Center for Asian Martial Arts teaches eight traditional martial arts, as follows:

 Eight Martial Arts Taught:

Kung Fu (Animal or Element Styles)

Bagua Zhang (Qi Cultivation)

Tai Chi (Internal Art)

Kong Su Do (External Strength)

Aikido/Hapkido (Joint Manipulation)

Yudo (Korean Judo/ Jujitsu)

Ship Pal Gye (18 Traditional Chinese Weapons)

Kom Do (Samurai Sword)


Visit our website for more information and class schedules:


The School is located in the Shaw’s Supermarket Plaza off of Spring Street in West Roxbury (next to the City of Boston Credit Union).  Let us know when you would like to schedule your free introductory training class.

 Center for Asian Martial Arts

77 Spring Street, Units H & I

West Roxbury, MA 02132