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Places for a campfire/bonfire

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    Places for a campfire/bonfire

    I am a resident of Boston who does not own or have access to private land, and does not own a car. I am trying to find a place in the Boston area where I can have a very small, private gathering outdoors, at night, with an open fire. (That is, a campfire or bonfire, as opposed to a wood or charcoal grill, like those pedastal grills in public parks.)

    So far I am just completely frustrated, but there must be somewhere where one can go and just sit around a campfire without breaking the law. 

    Can anyone help me out? 

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    Re: Places for a campfire/bonfire

    Take a refreshing swim in our magnificent pool, a leisurely stroll along our rivers and ponds, a chat in the cozy fireside lounge or treat yourself to spa. read more