Your Boston omissions?

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    Your Boston omissions?

    Have you lived in Boston for 15 years but never been on a duck tour? Have you never been to the Top of the Hub? Do you live on Comm. Ave., yet skipped watching the Boston Marathon since you moved here eight years ago?

    What restaurant/bar/event/historical monument/tourist activity have you never done in the city? Why? Are you embarrassed to admit you've never been to the Southie parade, Durgin Park, or the Bunker Hill Monument? Are you actively avoiding this landmark or restaurant or have you missed out on several chances to go? Let us know.
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    Your Boston omissions?

    I am 42 yrs old, born and raised in Camb. I have never taken a duck tour because I am afraid to be spotted by another local and laughed at for acting like a tourist. and also afraid that it will sink in the Charles river while I'm on it.I went to Bunker Hill community college so I saw the monument every day for two years..never had the desire to take a tour.Worked in the North End and the only people that walked the freedon trail were the tourists. Of course I have been to the Paul Revere house a couple times since it was always a field trip with my school.Top of the Hub, yes once which is all I needed, a tourist trap...Been to the Southie Parade a few times and cannot remember anything about the parade ...only the house parties in the projects, ha-ha�

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    Your Boston omissions?

    I have lived in Boston all my life (51 years).

    I took my mother on the Duck Tour for her 80th birthday, she loved it and I will never forget her laughter while riding it!

    I have been to the Top of The Hub once bit pricey for me.

    When I was growing up i wnet to the St Patricks parade every year,. my nana lived in Southie so we spent the weekend with her.� When I had nieces and nephews (and they were young then) I took the 4 of them, we took the train and stood near Broadway station, it was� a day they loved

    I worked in Charlestown, drove by the monument but never went up, the height scared the crap out of me

    Had a few dinners at Durgin Park, it was quite an experience but was more for the tourists.�

    I am not afraid or embarrassed to do the tourist thing or go to tourist palces, I am more embarrased that as a bostonian I have seen less than most tourists that visit here

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    Your Boston omissions?

    Duck tour.� I'd love to take it to get another persepective of how "Boston through a tourists eyes"

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    Your Boston omissions?

    I live right in the city, and try to do all of the tourist things now and then.��� Top of the Hub for an occasional cocktail.� Bunker Hill for some serious exercise.� I've taken dates out to canoe under the Concord Bridge.��� Duck tours only with out-of-town guests, but I learned a lot about the city, so I'll happily do it again.

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    Your Boston omissions?

    I have lived in the Boston Area for over 30 years.� I've done most Boston "tourist-y" things.� I have family from New York and my wife has family from Germany and Switzerland, so we've either done things on our own or with them.� One Boston landmark tourist attraction that I have not ever been able to go on are the Duck Tours.� I have been prohibited by my wife.� As a middle school history teacher, and local history buff she is afraid that I would feel the urge to "add my two cents" or worse yet, "try to correct the tour guide."� I have to admit, she is right.�

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    Your Boston omissions?

    I moved to Boston in 1988 and had so many friends and family come to visit over the years that I've done the "tourist" thing over & over & over - and I never tire of it.� This city is wonderful and has so much to offer: Boston Observatory to the Hatch Shell Friday Night Flicks/ concerts to the Duck Boats (& other trolley tours i.e. ghost/graveyard tours) to the Kings Chapel, etc.,etc.� What makes it all that more special is you can walk the city with a good pair of shoes and find something new with each trip...and I always make a new acquaintence or friend along the way.