Accessible Boston Transport

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    Accessible Boston Transport

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Rachel. I am a wheelchair user travelling to Boston with my mum in May.

    I was just wondering could anybody give me some advice on transport.

    I have been to New York many times and each time, I had to pre-arrange accessible transport from the airport to the hotel as I can’t get out of my chair and into a normal cab; I assumed I would have to do the same in Boston, however the 1st company I mailed told me they couldn’t have a vehicle waiting for me outside the airport due to post 9/11 restrictions, but Ground Transportation would be able to pull an accessible cab from the ones they have waiting.

    As it’s so hard to get an accessible taxi in New York, I was a bit sceptical about this; are there a lot of accessible taxis in Boston? If there isn’t doesn’t anybody know of another service that might bring me to and from the airport?

    And while I’m here I may aswell ask, what do people think of Boston as a destination for a disabled person?  Is it easy enough to get around?

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    Re: Accessible Boston Transport

    In Response to Accessible Boston Transport:

    Hi Rachel,

    Try calling The Ride.  The link is:

    We haven't used it but have heard that you call ahead to make an appointment, and they will pick you up.  It's also a lot cheaper than a taxi.  Good luck!