Any Boston travel tips?

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    Re: Any Boston travel tips?

    Mike's or Modern Pastry (don't want to start a canoli war here) have the best canolis on earth.  They are both on Hanover St. in the North End and near good Italian restaurants, too.

    Duck Tours are a lot of fun.  They are amphibious vehicles that tour the streets and Charles River in Boston.  Not super cheap, but not budget breakers, either, and you'll see and learn a lot.  Get tickets ahead of time; they sell out (at least they do in Summer, not sure about now).

    If you're a walker and don't mind the cold, you can walk the Freedom Trail for free.  It's long, but it hits a lot of hisoric landmarks in America's history.

    Check this website out:  Boston Guide

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    Re: Any Boston travel tips?

    Found the Omni Parker House Hotel has some awesome Packages and they are located right in the heart of the city within 4 blocks or all the sites you will want to enjoy while visiting
    The Conceirge is helpful and they can give you all the tips for best value\
    They have Freedom trail packages and Red Sox Ticket packages and more