New Years Eve in Boston

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    New Years Eve in Boston

    Hi all.
    We have visited Boston about 5 years ago and I am thinking of a surprise visit for my wife to see the New Year in! We live in the UK and I would like some advice about where we should be On New Years Eve - i.e. where to eat and maybe celebrate? we are in our late 40's so a wild disco is probably not our scene but certainly some type of band/music for the night? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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    Re: New Years Eve in Boston

    One thing you should know is that First Night is a big deal here.  Its the biggest and oldest in America.  You buy a button to wear and it gets you into something like 300 events, so some planning is neccessary.  Also, as far as restaurants go it is common for them to go off menu and have a special fixed price menu for that day, meaning its not the same as anyonther day and you'll pay through the nose to have no choices on the menu.  It can also be unbearably cold some years, so I'd suggest you inquire about a downtown hotel room that has a direct view of the harbor, just in case you want to watch the fireworks from indoors.  If this sounds appealing then be aware that most nicer hotels are not downtown.  Downton is the Financial District or Atlantic Avenue.  Copley Square, or by the common is not downtown and unlikely to have a harbor view.  The New Years fireworks are in the harbor, unlike July 4th's which are on the river.

    Good luck!