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Found iPhone in Venice

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    Found iPhone in Venice

    (C/P from

    My uncles and cousins have just returned from a trip around the Mediterranean. Their last visit was Venice (yeah, the real one, the one in Italy). Their highlight of their visit there, was not the Ponto Rialto, or the Gondole, no no no the highlight of their stay there was that they foun an iPhone laying on a Vaporetto.

    The Vaporetto is the Venice's public metro-boat network.

    According to their story, it was just laying there, forgotten. So they looked around, did some quick questioning and didn't find the owner. They had a family reunion and discussed what to do with it. There were several options:
    • give it to the Vaporetto driver --> hmmm not reliable
    • keep it for themselves --> hmmm not ethical
    • try to find the owner --> difficult but not impossible! Sounds like an interesting challenge!
    The first thing to do was to keep it ON as long as possible so the owner could call it. Surprisingly, nobody called in a long while and when finally someone called, they didn't let it ring long enough for my cousin to answer the phone. But he got the caller ID.

    Ok, new family decision! Shall they try to contact that person who called? That required passing the main terminal lock to check the contact list! The iPhone includes a timout lock that requests a 4 digit code. 10.000 combinations. But my uncles and cousins were on holidays and didn't think on probability, security measures, and this stuff so they tried a brute-force attack combined with some social engineering:
    • 0704
    • 1234
    • etc...
    Obviously, they didn't find the unlocking combination. But they did find out that iPhone will block for some minutes after some failures. And then for an hour after some more failures. And then just block. (sarcasm) Now that was a good call (/sarcasm).

    At that point the fimally's will to find the owner was beginning to break. A member was reconsidering his position to locate the owner and was beginning to feel the greed... "New phone. Nice!". But democrady has it and so they voted again and stuck to the original plan.

    Since the terminal had blocked and the SIM didn't seem accesible anymore they decided to bring it back to Spain with them with the hope that "The cousin will know what to do.".

    That's were I come into action. I'm the cousin of a family who was on holiday's in the Mediterranean and found an iPhone in a Vaporetto and is willing to locate the owner to send it back.

    We know it's and AT&T user (probably US ;-) ), that has a contact in it's agenda with a certain name (we're not disclosing it for the moment) and we were also able to find the IMEI and the ICCID. So, if you lost an iPhone in Venice on the 22nd august (probably) during 18'30 and 19'00 send us an e-mail ( AT and we'll post it back to you more than gladly.
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    Re: Found iPhone in Venice

    I just called AT&T.  This is what they told me.  You have to send the phone to one of their corporate store locations.  They have the ability, once they receive the phone, to get the owner's name and contact information by deciphering the IMEI number on the phone.  This is the ONLY way you will be able to return the phone to the owners.  They will not give out any private information to you. Do not send the phone directly to anyone who responds to your blog unless they can provide you with the password, as they may not be the real owners.
    This is the address of the AT&T corporate store near the Call Center I just contacted.  Sending the phone to the store there will do the job.  This is the phone number for the Call Center if you want to verify what I have told you.  800-674-7466.
    601 University
    Lubbock, Texas  79401
    Good Luck!
    Lee Marks