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Travel to Thailand this summer?

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    Travel to Thailand this summer?

    I wanted to ask if you have any advice for me. My plans are to travel to Asia this summer, July 7th.  I’m booked on United to fly into Bangkok , 3 days,  and then to Phuket for seven days. My problem is as follows.


    The US State Dept. has issued travel warnings (May 27th) against traveling to Bangkok. It sounds very serious! That’s enough to get me to change my plans.


    United airlines will charge a  $250 fee to change or cancel my tickets. I’m not sure where I would go???


    I did buy Travel Insurance from United but, it will not cover “civil unrest or acts of terrorism.”


    I have a time share week in Thailand that I will have to give up if I cancel. That will be my loss


    Any advice? I’m surprised that travel Insurance will not cover my expenses and United is charging a fee.


    Just wondering what others travelers are doing because of the situation in Thailand.

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    Re: Travel to Thailand this summer?

    Since you already have the tickets booked, I assume that the travel to Phuket is also by air.

    I haven't been following the unrest closely, but if it stays local - and away from the Bangkok airport - Phuket should be far enough away that you wouldn't notice anything going on in Bangkok.

    If you want to make different use of your initial three days, you could see if you can take a short trip to Chang Mai or elsewhere or go further away (like a flight down to Singapore and back) and just use the Bangkok airport as a connection hub. 

    If you want to stay out of Bangkok, whatever you choose to do, just be back at the airport in time for your flight to Phuket and you're still on schedule.
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    Re: Travel to Thailand this summer?

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    Re: Travel to Thailand this summer?

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