What's your stranded story?

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    What's your stranded story?

    Are you, or were you recently stranded somewhere thanks to the Icelandic volcano? How was your experience? If you were to be stranded somewhere, where do you think the best/worst places would be? Which airports wouldn't be so bad to spend some extra time in, and which ones would you escape as quickly as possible? Let us know.
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    Re: What's your stranded story?

    I wasn't stranded but the worse airport I was stranded in had to be in Aruba.  The night before we had a tropical storm so bad that cars were so far under water all you could see were little bits of antennas sticking out.  Our first floor hotel got flooded.  Anyway, when we finally got to the airport, no ac.  It was so hot and humid. When we finally boarded the plane after hours of delay, we had to wait for the stragglers who finally were able to get to the airport.  This was I believe in 1990.  I'm sure the airport has been updated.  But the delay due to the ash makes my experience seem trivial.