Block Island, RI, by personal boat

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    Block Island, RI, by personal boat

    I am planning drive my 22ft personal boat from Point Judith, RI to Block Island, RI this summer, dock it and spend the night at a B&B.  Has anyone done this before?  Suggestions on where to dock, places to stay near the dock, etc.  I've never been to Block Island so this is all new to me.

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    Re: Block Island, RI, by personal boat

    We have done the run numerous times, but in a 35' Fountain from Somerset, Ma and there were days we wished we had not.  You always get a strong South West Wind and following sea every afternoon so I would suggest doing both runs early during the day and obviously you need to just be smart about what day to go.

    Old Harbor has a stern-to bulkhead that you can make reservations on, although they usually reserve for larger boats. They also have another bulkhead where you are "rafted" with other boats, many which are transient.  Unless it is a holiday weekend, you probably don't need reservations.  Just tell the dockmaster you are there overnight. You can anchor in the outer section of Old Harbor but there is no launch service.  You are within walking distance to everything and there are numerous B/B's and Inns in that area. (try Trip Advisor for selection)

    The other option is New Harbor, but this puts you further from the action.  A few options for Marinas over there,  including Champlins, but you are a cab ride to everything.

    Again, I know of folks making the run in 17' Whalers but you have to be smart about the day you chose to go.