Favorite vineyard in New England?

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    Re: Favorite vineyard in New England?

    Dozens of great ones?  I don't know about that. 

    My favorite is Sakonnet.  Their 'Rhode Island Red' is my favorite local wine.

    The biggest disappointment is Westport Rivers, although a trip to the Back Eddy Restaurant makes up for it.   Their still wines all taste the same.  And it's a thin, undistinguished taste at that. I was excited to discover they had 'Rkatsiteli', until I tasted it.  And then an image began to develop. One large Vat was the source of all their white wine, and they'd just swap out the rolls in the label maker periodically.   They're all about Sparklers, but I didn't find those anything to write home about either.

    In the fruit wine category Nashoba Valley is excellent.  The Blueberry is a standout, but they had at least half a dozen that were worthy buying.  They have Vinefera Vines on the property now, but I'm not sure if they are for show, or if they intend to ever use them.

    Turtle Creek currently just buys grapes from sources in CA and NY, and they're not open to the Public. But they do have a vineyard over in Lincoln and if it ever does produce wine (it takes x number of years to maturity, and a couple of harsh winters has set them back) then it might be worth checking out.
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    Re: Favorite vineyard in New England?

    Westport Rivers Winery is excellent, a favorite place to visit on the South Coast of MA.