Things to do Memorial Day Weekend

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    Things to do Memorial Day Weekend

    How about competing in a fun road rally with a chance to win $1,300? How about an affordable weekend getaway in Vermont?

    Competing for the Grand Prize of $1,300, teammates will travel by foot and by car in this fierce and exciting road rally. The race will take teams throughout the Town of Dover and areas north, south, east and west in Southern Vermont. As with the popular tv show, teams will compete in fun, thrilling but mentally and physically challenging events along the way.

    Entry fee is $100.00 per team which includes food at the Finish Line BBQ. Teams must consist of 4 people. Sign up online to secure your spot and then come down to the Matterhorn Inn on Friday night for the kick off party and registration. Race on Saturday.


    A portion of the proceed will support the Living History Association.

    Name: The Grand Race 3

    Date: 9am, Saturday, May 23rd

    Location: Various, starting at Mount Snow Resort, West Dover, VT

    Contact: (802) 464-6435,


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    Re: Things to do Memorial Day Weekend

    Sounds like exciting family fun, and supports "the Living History Association, too. But please, PLEASE, PLEASE, whether you do this or something else, take some time to attend some kind of Memorial Day Service to honor those who died for our freedom!