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    where you at son?

    Got a trip headin' out west in a few weeks wanted some input. 

    tips up
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    Re: jk?

    The kid is here. What sort of intell do you need? WHere you headed??

    I"m up at Jay again this season....trying to get one more year out of this ski house.
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    Re: jk?

    I wasnt sure if you ever headed out to Snowbird?  I am heading out this week to slay the 7' of pow they got this past week, should be sick.  Lookin for a lil intell on the mountain - hike to baldy, mineral basin, the forks, etc.... 
    Glad to see your gettin your turns in up at Jay - I will see you up there in Feb / been using up some passes to SR to prep for the trip - looking to kill it out West for 4 days straight.
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    Re: jk?

    Snowbird is insane. Have you left yet??

    a) try parking right above the tram...you can ski down to the lifts to start your day and take a lift back up to your car. (short 1 min hike up the snowbank)

    b) Mineral....when you see the locals gathering at the doorway to mineral, yes doorway, get in line. YOu want to charge that tunnel asap and break RIGHT when you get into mineral.

    c) Lookers left on Mineral Lift is a SIIIIICK deep pow, short hike area. When  you come off lift break left and take the LONG  cat track that'll get you over there. You'll come to gate, if its open a quick 2 min side step up puts  you in prime time position. Total elevator shaft of a run. Keep speed at bottom, the run out back to mineral lift is a bit flat.

    d) KEY NOTE: Off the Jersey Lift (sp?!?) double chair....this is where in my opinion the best skiing at the bird lies. Break left off the chair and follow the ridge line waaaaaaaaaaaay out. You'll be able to dip off to the right, which will put you bakc to the tram. DON'T.  Instead stay on that ridge line and drop into the left. Dont' go too early...ride the ridge for a bit. My friend I was skiing untracked DEEEEP lines at 2pm out there. It is flipping mental.

    you cannot get back to the double chair from there. you'll need to take a lift (high speed quad) and then you ski down to jersey double. OFF THE HOOK and no lines!!!

    e) partying?!?! None that i found. Nice lodge at Alta...hmmm name is???? Damn can't remember. Driving up road its on the right, just like the mountains. Nice bar in 2nd floor of lodge. Good local scene, free cooking in 1st floor lounge area post skiing. Good too!!

    Hope you get this before you leave.

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    Re: jk?


    What a trip, I did get a chance to read your reply when out there, good looking.  We actually stayed next door to the Tram so had plenty of use of the Tram and the Peruvian tunnel... one of the coolest inventions yet at a mountain.  The area you are talking about in Mineral we hit it hard - it's called the Bookends.  It wasnt that bad of a hike as we could bomb the traverse to keep the speed up and people actually do look out for people making good on the traverse.  After a 15 min side step the run down to the Basin quad was sick.  The best part in my opinon that the Bird offers is off of the Gad 2 lift which takes you over to Tiger tail and Thunder Bowl and I think is what you are talking about (as we could not get back to the double either) and if looking at Snowbird from the Tram parking lot, its the furthest to the right right along the boundry line.   This area was closed for a week due to the 7' of pow they received and was simply the best runs I have ever had out West.  The double you are talking about is the mid Gad double.  Traversing the Road to Provo and dropping into open chutes was also some great coverage.
    I can charge pretty much anything we got but I did have two times at the Bird where I thought I wasnt making it out.  This place offers true in-bounds no fall zone's that alot of places out West dont.   We hiked to the summit of Baldy and the run down was labeled a double black for good reason.  Cliff bands everywhere with mando air required.  At one point it was point em or eat it.  I ate it hard core with a solid double sommersalt and thankfully could laugh about the yard sale.  thanks to the skier above me (CT Sox fan btw) who grabbed my gear at the top of the cliff, as it never made it with me after pointing em.  ha.

    The only downfall was the nightlife - as in zero.  This resort makes Jay Peak seem like Times Square.  Very limited options for food and booze and not to mention all of the beer is at 3.2% alcohol.  We did hit up the Peruvian Lodge at Alta (good looking) and it was nice to see other humans out past 7:00 pm. 
    After a trip like that I cant wait to get back to my roots and rip down Everglade or Green Beret as all in all we might not have the continued vert but our lines (minus the cliffs) are just as hairy and if not tighter.

    Tips up my brother

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