Longest cruisers?

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    Re: Longest cruisers?

    Probably not the longest, but Snowdance @ Mount Snow has to be one of the widest cruisers in New England.  The first time I skied it, coming out of the narrow upper part of the trail and coming over the crest , I just couldn't believe the vast expanse of the trail that opened up before me.

    Risky Business is a great advanced cruiser @ Sunday River, but Lollapalooza is also good for those looking for a great, long beginner cruiser.
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    Re: Longest cruisers?

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    Everyone always forgets Saddleback! Grey Ghost is one of the best cruisers in New England. It is long and steep but always well groomed so a nice cruiser. The pitch is closer to Sugarloaf's Narrow Gauge than Tote Road.
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    Agree on Grey Ghost.  It would be more fun with a quad bringing you to the top, but then it probably would be crowded, and Sluice at Sugarloaf is fantastic in the morning.

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    Re: Longest cruisers?

    As the knees start to go, I find a run on the Polecat at Wildcat is a great cruiser. On a sunny day looking out at Mt. Washington and Tucks.  Nothing better.
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    Re: Longest cruisers?

    Upper Mountain Road at Okemo.
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