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New Sunday River ownership

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    New Sunday River ownership

    As a season pass holder to SR for over 12 years I was pretty pumped to take a ride up to the River and check out the new digs and what the new owners have done.

    Safe to say - they should have taken a page from the ASC about customer satisifaction. After driving up last Mon for over 3.5 hours we get to the mtn and hear that lifts are down due to winds - but that Locke, Aurora and Spruce gettin ready to spin. At 75 bones a lift ticket it's something we all wanted to be sure of (especially in todays times - thats alot of cash). Long and skinny - two lifts stayed open all day - South Ridge and North peak. Basically I paid 75 to ski Wachusett and drive 3 hours. The thing that gets me pissed is years back ASC would tell you of the weather and let you know that after one hour - if your not happy you can get a refund.
    Safe to say our messages and repeated emails to customer service have feel on deaf ears - I guess in today's economy they are not worried about losing fans.

    and another thing - who was the bozo that came up with that Chondola? what a waste of good money - serves no purpose and takes you to nothing as far as challenging terrain.

    This is another reason why I stay loyal to the smaller guys - Cannon, Burke and Nelly's #1 - Jay Peak. The owner at Jay (Bill) I have meet a few times and it says alot about his place and how much he appreciates everyone as he is regularly out front at the ticket booth greeting his loyal fan base. That is what brings us back time and time again...

    sorry for the rant - had to share it with my ski bro's and sisters.

    Happy New Year and powder to the people.

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    New Sunday River ownership

    It just seems like an overpriced, hyped up project to cater to who I am not sure? Two lines - one for the gondi the other for the chair. maybe it's a 2M lift they geared towards the kids that dont like going out in the cold at South Ridge... :)

    such a waste of money - should have replaced the Locke or Spruce lift - instead of the price tag this cost, which reflects in a heavy ticket price.

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    New Sunday River ownership

    Huge SR fan myself. Sounds like you got hosed. Careful after this front comes through, wind follows and shuts down lifts. What's the point of a Chondola anyway? They needed a better lift for night skiing I guess. Lame.