What will you never do again?

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    Re: What will you never do again?

    Last spring, I thought a day trip to Longwood Gardens in PA would be fun and doable, from the Nashua area. It took 8 hours each way and I learned it is not a day trip :) Longwood Gardens, however, is well worth the drive: www.longwoodgardens.org.
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    Re: What will you never do again?

    CHC, I've taken 2 road trips to FL.  The first time was over 25 years ago & before SUVs were popular. There were 4 adults & 3 kids (2 in baby seats). We had fun but we did stop to eat & took a break to spend a night at a motel. Had to with 3 kids!

    The 2nd time I went by train with a 4-year-old. Compartments were smaller than in the brochure but not too bad for 1 night.  On the way back, in the middle of the night, the train broke down in D.C. & we had to get off to take a bus a good portion for the rest of the way.

    Never having been to D.C., this was a silver lining. What a beautiful city. I tell myself I have to go back to see the sights & take the tours but haven't yet.

    I could say that I'd never take a train again but I would. 

    Sorry BDCTravelStaff.  Not really any misadventures here. Only pleasant memories.
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    Re: What will you never do again?

    i LOVE italy, but never again will I trust an Italian cabbie from the airport. We were exhausted from the flight, hungry, and excited, and didn't realize until it was too late that he ripped us off. Live and learn, I guess. I do love the people there though, and would go back in a heartbeat.bg.
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    Re: What will you never do again?

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    Re: What will you never do again?

    I'll never go on a cruise again! What a rip off.  You think you're getting a great deal and will get to see multiple places in one swoop. WRONG. The drinks are insanely expensive and you're barely in one locale for more than 8 hours, so you can't really get a feel of the place or see anything worthwhile.  You have to tip everyone under the sun for donig seemingly nothing other than being your "steward" or whatever it is and the shore excursions are overpriced too. The rooms are insanely small, which is fine because I guess you're not in the room a lot, but it's the only place you have any privacy since you have to eat all your meals with strangers. Never again! One giant tourist trap I unfortunately fell for.
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    Re: What will you never do again?

    We showed up in Venice many years ago.  We'd made a reservation over the phone in broken Italian.  Place looked great.  When we showed up at the hotel, bags in tow, the owner told us that he'd told us that we needed to send a deposit, so he'd cancelled our room.  Of course, this was lost on us over the phone, in Italian.  We wandered around the city searching for a hotel for the better part of the day.  We ended up with an even better hotel after a night at a dive.  Now with internet, this problem would probably not happen, but I will never show up at a hotel without some sort of written or e-mailed confirmation.

    Totally agree on cruises.  Keep on thinking of going on one, and they "look" so cheap.  Then when I price out the tips, booze, shore excursions, and fuel surcharge (sometimes 25 - 50$ pp/pn), the cost is way higher.
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    Re: What will you never do again?

    Went to Mexico City and Acapulco one year. Flew to Mexico City then traveled by bus to Acapulco. BIG Mistake. Bus trip took 2 days because we had to stop at every souvenir stand or taco stand along the way. And the scenery was the same hour after hour. I found out later from bf who had booked the whole trip that we could have flown from MC to A for the same price. He got his punishment though - he got montezuma's revenge after eating at one of the places that the bus stopped at. Made the whole trip even more "lovely."
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    Re: What will you never do again?

    Yeah I remember once happened to me such incident. Actually I had interview that day and started my journey in time but I slept in the bus and that took me to the end bus stoppage. And I lost that. I have a badit of sleeping even on day time.

    Hope my Story gonna be featured :)

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