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Favorite aspect of Back Bay

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    Favorite aspect of Back Bay

    Back Bay is famous for the shops on Newbury Street, the bars on Boylston Street, the beautiful Boston Commons, the Prudential Center and the Christian Science building. What is your favorite thing about this Boston neighborhood?
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    Re: Favorite aspect of Back Bay

    Boston CommonS? There was only one Boston Common, the last time I checked! And it's not in Back Bay. Back Bay's green spaces include the Commonwealth Avenue Mall and the Esplanade; the Common is considered part of downtown. Welcome to Boston, Swati! 

    My favorite aspect of Back Bay is its grand 19th-century architecture and elegant, Paris-inspired layout. Fine old trees, brick sidewalks, gaslights, and postage-stamp gardens make this neighborhood one of Boston's gems.
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    Re: Favorite aspect of Back Bay

    First of all, nice post by the original poster.  Boston Commons is a mistake made by many and I think Ms Demeanor has too much time on her hands.

    Boston Common sits on the edge of Beacon Hill, The Boston Public Garden which many consider part of the Common, is in the Back Bay.

    Marlborough Street is a fav of mine.   The Cross Streets, Arlington and up to Hereford are more appealing than the mall.

    The Christian Science Center is beautiful, especially Saint Germaine Street.