Boston Citywalks

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    Re: Boston Citywalks

    In response to jackbu's comment:

    We had a lot of laughs once we figured out that sandy created that name just so she could find out more about me.  How many hints did we have to drop to her to figure out what show sandy was from. 


    Anything you say Roy Biggins!

    I believe that I, a female... had every right to know who was stalking me and trying to get information on me. Especially when I found out you were telling others we were emailing each other (a complete lie, since we NEVER switched emails). Then there was the other lie you told that I set up a Twitter account in your name, what are you a 12 year old??

    What is your facination with Marie and I? Are you lacking love in your life, that you need two woman in an annoymous (?) forum to create some sort of soap opera for yourself?
    You really need to let it could have ended on a happy note, but you can take your balls....and go play with yourself.


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