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Downtown Crossing Renovations

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    Downtown Crossing Renovations

    What are your hopes for the new Downtown Crossing? What stores, restaurants and other entertainment are you expecting? Do you believe the project will be completed in a timely fashion?
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    Re: Downtown Crossing Renovations

    I'd love to have Filene's Basement come back, plus a Target, a real grocery store and some kind of indoor recreation -- skating? an entertainment place like Jillians? -- but only if the police presence is significant enough to deter the huge crowds of teenagers. Although The Ivy and a few other restaurants are pretty good, a critical mass of better restaurants is still needed.
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    Re: Downtown Crossing Renovations

    What has happened to Downtown Crossing is unforgivable.  The city has abandoned this once vibrant area and certainly has not done enough to revitalize the downtown economy.  Mayor Menino needs to do more!
    Here's what I propose:
    * A high-end grocery store where the old Borders was.
    * A liquor store to replace the current one on Washington Street which does not meet the standards for a thriving economic area.
    * A Butcher Shop
    * A nice Bakery Shop
    * The block across beginning from West Street should be turned into restaurant row. No chains, just intimate small, charming restaurants w/outdoor seating (Barbara Lynch style).  I propose the city reaches out to the Food Network to encourage a challenge where aspiring chefs from around the country "bring it" and the Top 5, judged by our celebrity local chefs, receive a $x check (TBD) and special, low cost financing and a liquor license from the city to turn their dream into a reality. Each restaurant must be zoned for outdoor seating.
    * The abandoned space on the upper floors of the buildings along Washington Street, beginning at West Street, should be renovated and turned into apartments or condos to encourage downtown living. 
    * Macy's should update their exterior and put in large windows - much like the re-facing Lord & Taylor did as the Mandarin came in.
    * Michael Schlow should open a take-out restaurant where all the commuters could grab an amazing dinner/lunch to go.
    * As for shopping - get rid of the Sketcher's, Footlocker's and discount stores and bring in the following - Flower Mart, Designer Chocolatier and a collection of women, children/teens and men's stores (like they have at Legacy Place) or an eclectic mix like you would see in NY's So-ho district.
     * The old Filenes should be transformed into Bloomies, Nordstrom or even Bergdorfs 

    That's just a few of my ideas....

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    Re: Downtown Crossing Renovations

    In Response to Downtown Crossing Renovations:
    What are your hopes for the new Downtown Crossing? What stores, restaurants and other entertainment are you expecting? Do you believe the project will be completed in a timely fashion?
    Posted by BDCSwati

    First off, I would like to see constructive discussion about the transformation of Downtown Crossing. That first response to the question is a typical MA response, bash something without providing one's own constructive thoughts/ideas. Ok so you may think it is a dump, but why do you think it is it a dump? If we know the reasoning behind the rather conclusory statement "that the area is a dump" then we can begin to think about changes/ideas to make the area better. In addition, brainstorming is a great way to start the discussion because it gets to the heart of what the people want. That last post is great because it shows one person's personal vision of the area. While not every idea may be feasible for a variety of reasons, the basics may be stepping stones for a greater change.

    Second, we need to understand that many of the properties are privately owned. Some of the property owners may be great and others may be not so great in regards to contributing to the "feel and character" of the Downtown Area. Certainly the city plays a role with regards to Public Works, Safety and Permitting/Laws, but on the whole, we need to get all these players including ourselves, as citizens, to enact change and place pressure on those property owners unwilling to buy into a transformation of the area.

    As for my thoughts, I'd like to find a way to get all of the Downtown workers and those rushing through to catch their trains to stay around the area for a bit. From my observations, Winter Street from Tremont to Washington and Summer Street from Washington down to South Station is always teeming with workers with headphones on, straight stares forward and brisk deliberate walks cutting through the area. I know some are trying to catch their commuter rail trains to get home so it may be difficult to get those folks to stay.

    I think the idea of more residential support retail may be one way to capture commuters. While I don't envision someone buying some furniture at say a Target downtown and then taking the train home, it is feasible to say commuters could run an errand for housegoods (cleaning supplies, detergent, etc.) or maybe buy groceries to prepare dinner when they get home. Now that a few dormitories have opened up, maybe that will be an economic catalyst for getting some type of grocery store in the downtown area.

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    Re: Downtown Crossing Renovations

    I thought the mayor would have lost the last election due to his mismanging of this area.

    I don't think this area will come back in the near future.

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