In Response to East Boston's transformation:
Over the last decade, East Boston has gone through  some major changes.  How do you feel about the changing community? What do you miss about how East Boston used to be? Do you think the changes are for the better? 
Posted by BDCSwati

I think you have cast much too wide a net here, BDCSwati; hence no responses.  I could answer your question, but having lived here over 60 years, it would take hours and pages to even come close.  Even your restaurant question is too broad to answer.  How about eliciting comments on a challenging opinion?  For instance, much has been made of the restaurant Ecco bringing a different and edgy approach to the traditional Eastie eatery.  Indeed it has.  But my experience as a local Senior is that I and my wife didn't fit Ecco's targeted demographic; I felt terribly unwelcome and I have never returned.  This comment may elicit other comments, on which others may make additional comments.  I would like to see an East Boston comments forum take off.