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Nightlife in Jamaica Plain

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    Nightlife in Jamaica Plain

    Here are some recommendations of the best Jamaica Plain's nightlife has to offer. What did we miss? What places would you not include in your list? How do you think JP's nightlife compares to other hot spots in Boston? 
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    Re: Nightlife in Jamaica Plain

    For nightlife in Jamaica Plain,

    I'd also recommend The James Gate which is on the corner of McBride Street and South Street.  They have a great beer selection.  Also they have a fireplace in the bar.
      Also right nearby is The Jeanie Johnson. They have Karaoke Friday and Saturday nights.  Food is cheap.  They have darts. 
    For live music the Midway Cafe is great.
     Right next to it is Doyles which was the first bar to serve Sam Adams, they are the only place serving the Sam Adams Pumpkin Ale that I know of.

    Nightlife in JP is a bit different from the rest of Boston, its a mixed crowd, not full of college students like Kenmore and Allston.  Most of the people live around JP and maybe Mission Hill.