Fully understand the delicacy of this discussion, however, the increase in handicap spots to which NO other adjustment to Curb, Home entrance, or any other infrastructure required has created a corrupt format to request a secured IN FRONT of home private parking.
1. The idea of handicap parking is to provide easy access to the 'handicapped public' for business, or city infrastructure. Not to provide an advantage to individuals.  
South Boston’s Public handicap access infrastructure for easy access to sidewalks is located at the intersection of each st, not in front of these homes, and as the infrastructure is designed to be available to all so should the availability to handicapped parking be situated equal, and shared (as street parking is shared by all,) therefore providing this assigned parking privileges which exceed the public opportunities is inherentily wrong. Handicapped parking (save for this program) it is generally done in a public and sharing way (parking lots, city parking etc.., to place these spots in front of an individual’s home with no association to the handicapped infrastructure is nothing more than a ‘loophole’ to private on street parking.

My South Boston residence sticker allows me to park in my ‘neighborhood’, it does not give me absolute rights to the spot in front of my house, why then, simply, because someone can obtain a handicapped plate should the public road way use change to in front of home private parking.My two cents, what’s yours?