How has Southie changed??

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    How has Southie changed??

    The Globe is asking folks to tell how Southie has changed since Whitey's day- in 500 words or less. I can't do it--there is too much history to Southie to do it in 500 words. Perhaps if we only included the blast 16 years that would work.My problem is I haven't lived in or near Southie for 25 years and even then, I lived in the 'burbs in Andover.

    I met Whitey a couple of times in Dorgans', another great spot that is long since gone. We were only nodding acquaintances. In fact, I didn't even know he was Whitey Bulger, just a familiar face from time to time.

    I am close to Whitey's age and my reaction to his arrest shocked me. Why?? Well, even though I am a law and order guy and never got in trouble with the police, I felt it was the end of an era. Another memory, yes, criminal, but breaking yet another tie with the past.

    Yes, I know he is a criminal and probably worse than what little I do know about him. Still, as one ages, the changes are not all as welcome as younger folks would like us to feel.

    Loyalty is one of man's greatest qualities. Blind loyalty is one of man's greatest faults. I do not believe it is just the corrupt FBI agents that allowed Whitey to remain free all these years. A false "Robin Hood" image, the idea of one man beating the government appeals to most of us. I am sure that many met or knew where Whitey was over the years and did not turn him in.

    In the final analysis, Whitey has been defined as a criminal and, at least to me, worse, a murderer and deserves to be caught and punished.

    Yet his recent publicity has stirred the contents of my kettle of memories and the pleasant ones of my youth, growing up in Southie, will remain.

    To all of us old timers who enjoyed the beach, Columbia Stadium, Marine Park, Joes Spa and the rest, lean back, close your eyes and spend a quite time with me thinking of the good old days.

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    Re: How has Southie changed??

    Its politicians period!
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    Re: How has Southie changed??

    Bussing turned Southie into an angry place and the republicans got  storng hold because they were against bussing.  Thus the Far right was born with the south boston information center and the turn coats who vote republican today.  But, the chickens are coming home to roost, and the gay men and women who had rocks and bottles thrown at them in a St. Patricks Day parade are living next door and Southie's reputation today is one where those who ran away before to the suburbs, now are crying to get back in.    And those who hung in there over the years are not walking around with long faces either.    They love and welcome  the Southie of Today.